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I hope many of you will remember me and my past struggles. This is my first time on here in quite awhile. I was doing so well last summer and fall. Quit smoking, drinking and pulmonary rehab. Then my apartment complex was sold. I was in total fear. Too little time and money. I did the worst possible thing I could possibly do for my quit. I started drinking again so it wasn't long before I picked up a cigarette. Of course everything worked out well. Doesn't God always come through. We live in a juch nicer place in a nich little town called Mount Holly which is a little bit out side of Charlotte. We're almost in the country and we love it. I quit drinking 2 mo. ago. and am not ready to quit smoking. Some of you know that I have severe COPD as well as a nodule on my lung and I haven't followed up with my cat and pet scans. I can only hope and pray that God has taken care of me when I wasn't taking care of myself. I am doing a little vaping, some lozenges and about 5 cigs/day for now. I haven't set my quit date. What I want to give up 1st is the cigs, then the vapeing. I'm thinking in about 2 weeks, I'll give up the cigs. I think I will set that date right now. I am so glad to be back and so excited. So many people on here that I have missed tremendously.