Day 6

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Sep 15, 2015

and I think day 8 for alcohol. This really hasn't been as hard as when I smoke for several months and then try to quit again. My AA supporter is working with me for alcohol and smoking. She just wants me to call her before I smoke just as I would for alcohol.

Went to pulmonary rehab today and the girls were all happy to see me and that I am not  smoking. I am just "giddy" to be working on my strength and endurance as well as meeting people who have the same disease and goals as I do.

Now I go to P.R. 2x/week, AA meetings 5x/week, therapy 1x/week and Drs. appts here and there. Plus I spend time on nutrition. There is always so much to learn. I've lost 15# but not 1 inch on my abdomen. What's that all about.?

Hoping everyone is having a great tuesday!!