Hey everyone!

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Sep 14, 2015

Too busy to get on here yesterday but it was a good day. Scott reminded me of Marilyn's husband by make us a big breakfast. Then it was laundry time and then football. We are both happy with Dophin win for him and Panther's for me.

I started reading a alittle more about this adrenal insufficiency and it is normal to have some day's that I just don't feel good and those are huge triggers for me. I think I get comfort from smoking like people get comfort from food. From what I have read this is probably Addison's disease which would probably also be caused by the steroid's I have been on from copd excasperations. I can still get so angry at myself for doing this to myself. Anyway, I see my endocronologist on Thurs. and I will learn a lot more about what to expect.

Anyway, I am feeling pretty good today and that's what we do. Take advantage of the good day's and get through the bad as well as we can. I am tired though and I've been sleeping a lot.

Wish everyone a great Mon. and hoping no one picks up the evil things.