back on the roller coaster

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Sep 3, 2015

Yesterday was okay. Not craving too bad and so far this morning not too bad either. I went to behavioral health ER and got started on some new meds. I was in the very pit of depression and anxiety The meds I am on do not take weeks to start working. Today I see my primary Dr. as follow up from being in the hospital. It will be good to know if I have Addison's disease and will I always have to take these steroids. I still feel very weak and my cordination is off. I stumble around like a drunk person so I will have my sodium level rechecked. It's weird to think I have a disease caused by steroids and treated with other steroids.

I keep telling myself that smoking will not help any of this. In fact, for me, it brings a whole new set of problems. 

I pray that everyone of my friends here has a great day!