Day 35

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Jul 26, 2015

5 weeks of nope. I had stronger than usual urges this morning. I certainly still expect them but that doesn't make me hate them any less. Today was pretty uneventful and I was tired. Didn't sleep well last night. I believe in halt, hungry, angry, lonely and tired-big pit falls when trying to quit an addiction. So I took a nap.

I've read all blogs and comments which I do most days. This site is a true blessing from God. I would love to see the history of EX. Who started it and when. How did it grow and who were the original members. Does anyone know how to access that info?

I remember reading a blog about relapsing and people leaving the site. I wonder if people who have left have done so, not because of relapse, but because they have passed. I know a lot of elders have each others numbers but I'm thinking a lot of newbies and tweeners don't. I asked my husband, if anything happened to me, to get on here and let you all know. It's important to me that my friends here know I didn't relapse.

I spent a long time on the phone this a.m. with my 3rd son. He is in AA, thank God and doing so well. He lives way upstate NY and I haven't seen him for awhile, but he is planning a vacation in the fall. I can't wait to see him and go to some meetings with him.

I hope everyone is enjoying the final hours of the w/e. "See" ya tomorrow.