Today I celebrate 4 weeks

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Jul 20, 2015

And it has been a long 4 weeks. The only time it feels like my life is going is slow motion is when I'm quitting smoking.

The main reason this is such a milestone for me is this morning I put on a 14mg. patch. It's now late in the afternoon and my cravings (mostly urges at this point) are not any stronger. I'm glad I took the advice of several people on this site and followed the recommendations.

I wanted to address something in my last blog about watching my weight. I am entering this journey 30# overweight. I never had a wt. problem until I got into my 50's and also because of the psychiatric meds I am on. All of this wt. is in my middle which is the most dangerous place for it to be. I am only 5'3" so I don't carry this wt. well and it's impossible to find clothes that fit me. It drives me crazy because I very rarely eat junk food, very little sugary foods, no soda's or juices. I eat lot's of fruits and veggies (cooked). My only problem with food is the carbs. I am trying to cut back with them but I'm not a big meat eater so the carbs are what gives me the full feeling. I do eat small portions several times a day. I will say that the day I felt like I was starving all day long did not last.

Trust me I will not smoke over weight but I will continue to be concerned about it.