Hey everyone

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Jul 18, 2015

I was able to get on here to read blogs and comments yesterday but then the computer had issues so I wasn't able to blog. I'm doing wonderful. Short of breath with any exertion and even sometimes at rest but for the most part it's mild.

Got out to the grocery store to pick up a few things and handled it like a champ. I'm getting in the shower for the 1st time. The home health occupational therapist wants me to get a shower chair but those dang things are so expensive for me to buy when I don't intend on needing for long. The aide has been coming to assist me with bed baths and yesterday we tried some no rinse shampoo. Horrible stuff! My hair is so greasy with a heavy residue that I have to get in and wash it so. For the most part, I feel up to it. I hope I don't get halfway through and get to weak to continue. If it works, I can discontinue the OT and aide service.

The week I was really sick, I lost 7#. Now I'm starving all the time. Not so much starving but never feeling full or satisfied. I wonder if this is emotional eating. I never had a problem with that before but I always had alcohol and smoking. I definitely can't go on like this. It has to be from giving up smoking so I would appreciate any advice. I eat nonstop and a lot of it is healthy foods but still way too many calories for me. I am not able to eat raw veggies because of dental problems.

Scott is cranky and I' sure it's from not drinking. He absolutely refuses to go to AA. No matter, I feel good and I hope all of you are feeling good too.