recovering slowly

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Jul 9, 2015

I felt pretty good yesterday and I think I over did it a little, though certainly not my norm. Scott is putting me on a guilt trip about how much he is taking on since I've been sick. What is wrong with some men? I was for a long time a single mother of 4, worked full-time and took care of everything else. I was breathing better yesterday so I did some things around here but you never realized how much you have to bend over in the course of the day. This is too irritating to my upper chest causing me to have a dry cough which got worse and worse throughout the day. I am nauseated from the antibiotic and my sleep is off from the steroids. I'm also losing fluids and back on the BRAT diet. I think because my blood pressure and potassium were so low when I got to the ER that if I would have waited too much longer to call 911, I wouldn't be here today.

Day 18 of not smoking. The only thoughts I have on it is I can't imagine putting 1 more puff of that poison in my body.