the good and bad

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Jul 4, 2015

I didn't get to walk yesterday. I tried in the morning and evening and both times it was raining. I did go up the incline twice and that, for me, is the important thing right now. Good exercise for the lungs and hips.

This has always been my favorite holidays ( along with Thanksgiving) partly because it's also my birthday. My 1st holiday and birthday as a nonsmoker.

In my somewhat delusional brain, I have known that everyday will not be goo just because you are a nonsmoker. I am proud to say that I have got through a couple and didn't smoke. I am having a huge challenge right now, one that might cause my husband and I to separate. I will not smoke over it, it will not help anything. I can virtually hear all of you saying that.

He did surprize me by going out early this morning, while I was still sleeping, and bought me a huge box o chocolate covered, cream or custard filled (I haven't ate one yet, still on coffee) that between the 2 of us, we will not be able to finish.

Enough of my woes. I plan on having a good day in spite of the tension.

Happy 4th to all of me nonsmoking EX friends. Love you all