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Blog Post created by constanceclum on Jul 2, 2015

I just found 1/2 cig. in my apt. My husband has been smoking outside but usually smokes 1/2 cig at a time. He probably put the short on the desk, right by the door, and it rolled off, ending up under the desk. He has been so careful to not leave any cigs when he is at work but I think it was an accident. I didn't give it a second thought. Tore it up and threw it away. I didn't have 1 part of me that wanted to smoke it.

I only walked for about 20 minutes. I have to go slow,not so much because of my lungs but my hips. I went to physical therapy for my hip pain and found out that 1 of my legs is 1/2 inch shorter than the other. This ocurred because of knee pain causing me to change my walk without me even noticing. The thing I did notice, it seemed all of a sudden, was when I go downstairs, I have to lead with my left leg on every step.

Anyway, the important thing is I have quite a big incline to get to the street/sidewalk. It has been a year since I have tried. I made it, moderately short of breat which the lung people said is good. It's lung exercise. I am going to try to build up to 2 miles (what I was walking last year. My online dieting program (calorie count) said if you walk 20 minutes you lose 100 calories. I'm sure it depends on how fast you walk. I try to walk at a moderate pace. This same site said at my weight I can eat 1200cal/day to lose 3/4#/week, reaching my goal in Aug. 2016. Seriously? I have to be more active. I'm looking forward to getting back to pulmonary. I'm sure I will be able to increase my speen and resistance now that I'm not smoking. I am already breathing better at 10 days and barely have any cough. God is good.

Sorry I've been so chatty today but some days I don't feel like talking or blogging at all. Neurontin was raised from 400mg to 900mg/day and it's making me a little more energetic.

thanks to all for helping me reach this point, last week I would have smoked that cig is a NY minute.