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Day 1 again

Posted by constanceclum Mar 27, 2015

So far so good. For the past several decades, whenever I thought about quitting smoking, I always new I would need some kind of nrt or medication. I had such a fear of failure that even the thought of quitting cold turkey put me in a panic. After being on this site for quite a while and reading through the educational things, I am convinced that cold turkey is the only way to go.

I am looking forward to doing this with the support and wisdom of all of you.



Quit date set

Posted by constanceclum Mar 18, 2015

3/24. My neighbor still hasn't confirmed a date but I feel like it's time. If he quits a few days before or after, we can still support each other. Maybe my date will motivate him.

I will use the patches again. This seems to work the best for me with lozenges for severe craves initially. The reason I have relapsed in the past is losing my committment. I have to stay on this site and keep reading the educational materials over and over.

In the meantime, wishing everyone a wonderful smoke free day.

As I cut back on chantix due to side effects, I slowly started smoking again. I can't believe that I can't just quit cold turkey as much as I hate the evil things. I haven't picked a quit date yet as this time I will be quitting with a friend and he is waiting for the ins. co. to ok chantix for him. He quit quite easily on chantix for about 6 mo. That's the one thing I haven't tried before, a support system or someone to be accountable to. 

In the meantime, I'll continue with quitsmokingonline and reading blogs. I will not wait too long for a quit date.

So glad your all still here.



Good morning all!

Posted by constanceclum Mar 3, 2015

Thanks for all the wonderful responses to my blog. I am afraid to be here without my husband because, as my health has deteriorated, I have become so dependent on him. My goal now will be, as I get healthier, will be to become more independent.

My biggest problem today is my countup clock. I wasn't able to have one at all my last quit when we had google but now that we have firefox, I have one. Unfortunately, it is a little too big and I somehow got 2 clocks that I messed up the numbers. Can someone help me delete them? The last time I really messed them up and I believe it was John that helped me.

I'm sleeping a lot. 12 hrs./day. Can anyone else relate to this?

Take care family,




Posted by constanceclum Mar 2, 2015

It definitely is getting better at day 13. My Dr. prescribed me a mos. worth of phenergan so I went back to the recommended dose. I'm still having some nausea but it's much milder.

I still feel the deprivation. When my husband goes outside to smoke and I am so thankful he goes outside, I want to go with him to smoke. He has copd too and not to sound too morbid, we have had this long term conversation that we want to be the first to go. He is 50 and I am 56 and I know it is terrible to be having this conversation at out ages. Well I don't smoke and he does so I pretty much know the outcome of this unless God has different plans.

I think some of this is an excuse to smoke. I want to die first. Seeing this in writing I know how rediculous it sounds but I do have an addicts brain. I have been clean of cocaine and alcohol but cigarettes are absolutely the hardest. Of course that's just another excuse.

I am sorry for this blog. I'm not thinking straight but I feel like I need to express this. I absolutely love the elders for their comittment to hang around and help the newbies and I love the newbies for understanding exactly where I'm at.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday.