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new quit date

Posted by constanceclum Dec 4, 2014

Yes I slipped. I ran out of patches last week and I though it was time to get off them. I was on the 21 mg. I went a week without smoking but I suffered horribly with cravings and I broke down yesterday. The problem was I couldn't afford to get new patches and I won't be able to until next Thurs. so my new quit date is 12/12. I will get the 14mg patches as planed. It is still oh so important that I quit for health reasons. I'm not trying to make excuses for my relapse but I have a highly addictive personality to everything, food, cocaine, pain pills, smoking and am also  bipolar. It just means I have to fight a little harder. I am stabilized on my psych meds and only have a problem with food right now so I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!