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patch and smoking

Posted by constanceclum Sep 30, 2014

I want to thank everyone for there concern when I wrote that I was smoking with a nicotine patch on. Please note that I am not advocating this for anyone without talking with your Dr. My Dr. recommended wearing the patch and minimizing smoking (5 or less) cigarettes/day. I have tried quitting many times, unsuccessfully, using just the patch. I have smoked for 43 yrs, over 2 packs/day. The patch delivers, very slowly, a pack of less of nicotine. My drs. all agree that because I am bipolar, I have a higher degree of difficulty quitting. Of course I did my research and there are many reports, including the American cancer society, that accepts smoking with the patch on for people that do not have cardiac issues, as long as it is recommended by their Do.

I'm 8 days into it and have had very little discomfort. On Mon. I will give up cigarettes all together and supplement with lozenges for strong cravings while I have a patch on. There is also many reports that people are having a better success rate combining 2 nrt's.

Wishing everyone the best smoke free day today!


feeling good

Posted by constanceclum Sep 29, 2014

I am halfway to my total quit. Today I am starting to smoke 3-4 cigs a day while wearing a patch as recommended by my Dr. Next Mon. I will quitt cigs all together and replace with lozenges. I have been quite comfortable as far as cravings go and this is what I need to be successful. Could someone please help me to start a quit clock? Please be specific as I have very little common sense as far as tech stuff goes.

Thanks to each and everyone of you for this site and for being uniquely you. I love making new cyber friends helping each other fullfil this very important goal.


hanging in there

Posted by constanceclum Sep 26, 2014

It's day 5 for cutting down to 6 a day alternating with nicotine lozenges. This is the plan my lung Dr. and I came up with. On Oct. 1 I will use patches and lozenges for severe cravings. My copd is severe now and I have had such a hard time quitting just with the patches. I have smoked 2 packs/day for 43 yrs and after researching this it is safe to use lozenges while on the patch. In fact smokers have a much higher success rate doing this. I wish someone would have told me 17 mos ago when my copd was still moderate. I've been a little slow incorporating using this site as I have had a lot of Dr. apts and physical therapy but I will get on here daily as my quit date comes closer. All of you are so imporatant to me and I really don't believe I would be successful without you.

Well after several months of a total meltdown I'm back. My new quit date is 10/6. In the meantime I will be spending a lot of time on here. I'm so glad to see all the elders are still here and lots of new people-I hope to get to know all of you. It's by unity that we succeed. I am hoping someone will send me the link to Allen Carrs book and any other material that would be helpful.

So glad to be back!