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day 3

Posted by constanceclum Feb 28, 2014

Hopefully the worst is over. I keep repeating to myself Carr's brainwashing answer but still feel like I shake, can't focus, I'm even a little scared to drive. I appreciate everyone's advice about not worrying so much about diet. I'm not really thinking about it as dieting, just replacing all the junk food I've been eating with healthier choices. I am so motivated by this site and my new friends I know I can do this. I'm going to go do my physical therapy exercizes now which helps my mental state even though they're not calisethics, they are helping my joints and are about all I can do with my copd. I'm hoping for a great day for everyone


day 2

Posted by constanceclum Feb 27, 2014

and this morning is already better than yesterday. I totally expect urges during the day but mornings have always been the worst for me. I had cut down on cigs the past 6 weeks getting prepared. I found myself eating whatever I felt like and especially sugar. I know I have gained weight as I have grown out of my jeans. This also makes me feel sluggish. I am going to the store and stocking up on fruits and veggies. I drink a lot of water but I am going to drink more. I'm not going to obsess about my weight but I will be mindful. I hope everyone is having a great day. I keep all of you on my mind and the fact that you did it and I can too.


feeling better

Posted by constanceclum Feb 26, 2014

Thanks for all the great comments. I have read Carrs book and quitsmokingonline. I know both have been real helpful. In fact since I got through the morning, cravings have become very mild. I feel confident about getting through the day. I have and errand to run and an AA meeting to go to this evening. I never smoke in the car. I plan on getting in bed early and watching tv until I go to sleep. Again, I never smoke in the bed. Thanks again for the support and inspiration


could be doing better

Posted by constanceclum Feb 26, 2014

Hi new friends,

My quit date was Mon. but I would up smoking a couple of cigs and 11/2 yesterday. My hardest time is the morning and it's 11:15 now and I havn't smoked. I am seeing the pulmonary Dr. tomorrow about my lung nodule and then a CT scan. The xray shows a very small nodule so probably will only have to monitor it with an x-ray every 3-4 months. However my copd is still bad and I swear ever since I started on this site and reading the quit material, I can feel it getting worse with each cig I smoke so I have to do this. My worse problem right now is my cats brought a bird in the house this am and I can't seem to get it out. It's getting on my last nerve. I hope everyone in my new family has a great day and thanks to all for being there


1st day quit

Posted by constanceclum Feb 24, 2014

I'm real shakey and nervous. Why is quitting so hard in the morning when I already feel like my defenses are down. Caffiene level is also low. I have posted frequently about my copd. I have had 3 chest xrays over the past week and 1/2.and they discovered a nodule at the base of my right lung. I don't have info about what the next step will be. I know if I don't quit after this health scare I will never quit. I do know the support and inspiration from all of you will make it a lot easier and my main plan is to get on this site whenever urges are strong. I hope all my new friends are having a good day.


last quit date

Posted by constanceclum Feb 12, 2014

2/24. I want to quit on a Mon. My husband is home all weekend smoking so I believe it is the best day for me.

I also want to give myself one more week to do all the readings that I can. I believe in a previous blog that I said I had mod. copd. If I didn't, I should have. It has now advanced to a more severe copd. I also believe it is not necessarily about living or dying, more about not being able to breath and coughing. 

I appreciate all the comments to my previous blog. It makes all the difference to have a place to come to and have support from people that actually care Again Thank-you


want to get healthy

Posted by constanceclum Feb 11, 2014

I havn't been here for awhile. Been sick with a copd flair-up. Ironically I kept smoking and missed my quit date. My friend and I have a new quit date of 2/24. I'm not smoking much , just 3-4 cigs/day and feel like I've gotten over physical withdrawals except I still have a really hard time in the morning. Anyway the Doc did say if I don't quit, I will probably not live longer than my mom. She passed at 58 and I am now 55 so I am relying on all the help I can get including ex. Hope everyone has a terrific day.