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Posted by carloprivitera Jan 13, 2018

WOW ... I totally forgot that today was 500 days since my last cigarette!

What an amazing journey and what an amazing result!


Today I'm healthy as I have never been in my life ... I did my first half marathon and I'm preparing for my first Marathon in September.

I don't take the high blood pressure anymore and not even the high cholesterol pills ... My resting heartbeat is down to 47 and just 500 days ago was 78!!


To all of you that are in the first 5, 10, 50, 100, 200 days ... It might be tough sometimes ... you might have a mild or crazy craving ... you might think that you can't do it, but it's only your addicted mind telling you a lot fo BSs ... there is an amazing world out there without the cigarettes ... just go out and grab it ... it's there for all of us!


All the best to all of you



6% club

Posted by carloprivitera Aug 31, 2017

It felt impossible one year ago ... also because you are thinking about surviving the first hour and then the first day ... but here we are!: still an addict because that will be for my entire life, but 365 days free of cigarettes!


The first 100 days have been really tough but this community helped me navigating every single hour of those days ... and if I'm here today celebrating my first year, it's because all of you!

In the following 200 days, everything became easier and more manageable ... the thoughts and dreams about cigarettes start disappearing ... I had other few crisis but my strength and ability to manage them has been so great that I have been through them pretty easily.

I've been able to start focusing on getting back in a good shape ... I did my first half marathon few months ago and I lost almost 30 pounds.


Thank you very much to all of you for being here for me. I'll never forget it



Wow ... 150 days!!! 

I'm so happy ... happy that I have many days when I don't think about smoking ... I forget about cigarettes.

They are not at the top of my mind anymore.


The Christmas Holidays have been tough but they are long gone ... I had lately some huge fight at work (typical reason to have a cigarette) and yes, I thought about them but it has been so easy to say: Is a cigarette going to solve my problems? NO, it will just make my life more miserable ... and I moved on.


Now ... moving happily to the next challenge.


Thank you all for the amazing support.




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Hy my Ex friends ...

here we are back to New York after two weeks in Italy visiting parents, other relatives, friends ... skiing in the Alps ... and all this ... smoking free!

Today is officialy #126! 

I had a lot more crisis during the last two weeks than in the last two months. I think the holidays were a challenge since I always smoked a lot during my free time ... on top of that, I was back at home where all my memories included also a cigarette.

I had to use all my tools to avoid smoking a couple of nights but I made it and now I'm back in my safe zone stronger than ever.

Have a wonderful day ... and have a wonderful year!!!


Dear Ex's,

I'm leaving today for my Christmas holidays ... going back to Italy to spend some time with my parents and then ski in the Alps with some friends.

It will be my first smoke-free Christmas and I'm really excited about it ... I'll enjoy it and I'll defend my quit with all the tools I learnt here.

I have 112 beautiful DOF right now and I'm looking forward the end of NML.

I won't be here for the next two weeks but I wanted to wish you all the best ... to you and your familes and your loved ones for a wonderful Christmas and a new smoke free 2017.

All the best


and here we are ... I made it to 100 days ... In the middle of No man's land and enjoying my ride!

A big rollercoaster but I'm still strong! I didn't have any big issue lately ... sometimes my brian tries to tell me that I'd really like to smoke, but it's enough to look at him in a bad way and move on ... that bad thought disappears in few seconds.


Two days ago has been really tough when I read that some of us lost her quit after more than 500 days ...I start wondering if this was going to be tough for the rest of my life ... if in the future, it was going to be really out of my life ... if I'm doing all this to relapse after 500 days ... 

A lot of bad thoughts that are still there ... I'm trying to forget about them and move on, but it's still something tough to digest.

I'm pretty sure I'll find some tools to manage also these thoughts since I really don't want to quit on my quit after more than 500 days!

But let's think now at day 100 ... and then 101 ... I'm getting prepared to my Christmas holidays ... all the celebrations and all my relatives and friends.

This is going to be the first Christmas as an EX and I'm looking forward it!

Thank to all of you for the great support. You are unbelievable!


Good morning

Posted by carloprivitera Nov 28, 2016

Sorry for being silent during these holidays but I had some friends over my place (one of them a smoker) and I have been really busy.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend as an EX.

It's an amazing experience to do not be a slave anymore ... to spend your day with your family and not feel the ned to step outside ...

I loved it and I hope each of you loved it!

To all the new EX that are joining us in these days: don't be scare! This is an amazing journey ... sure, it's tough but you'll learn a lot about yousefl and you'll feel better every single day.

Would you like to get a great holiday gift? Be an EX!

Carlo (89 DOF)

Hello my friends ... finally back to NY after 10 days in Europe!

As I thought, it has been really tough ... almost as tough as the first 2/3 weeks.

A lot of my friends there smoke ... and a lot of them offered me a cigarette.

A lot of italians smoke and so there were cigarettes everywhere ... 

but even worst ... all those memories!!! My entire life in italy has been as a smoker and every single corner was reminding me when I smoked!!!

Anyway, it's over for now (I'll be back there for the Christmas holidays) ... I was so happy to be back in NY ... As soon as I landed, I felt all the pressure going away from my shoulders ...

Done! 82 days smoke free ... and counting!!!



Day 69 ... doing great and feeling really good. I had my first real day of freedom last saturday: For the entire day I have never thought about cigarettes and/or smoking ... not even for one second!!! Amazing ... 

Now I'm going to test myself really hard.

I'm leaving for a business trip tomorrow for 10 days: going back to Europe and going back to Italy since I'm taking the opportunity to see my parents.

I'll go back to all the places where I always smoked ... all the situations when I always smoked ... 

I'll meet my ex-wife (since I'll spend some time with my daugther) and this will be really interesting (first time as a non smoker).

and this just to mention some of the major events of the next 10 days ...

I'll be back in New York on Nov 19th ... and I'm looking foward to coming back as a no-smoker ... this new life is so beautiful and I don't want to lose it!

I'll do my best to come here and spend some time with you also from Europe ... 

All the best


2 months and more ...

Posted by carloprivitera Nov 2, 2016

I'm late to this ... mainly because I dediced to have a little bit of fun and post a phantom blog on Halloween.

I did two months!!! Wow ... 63 days today ... I'm shocked and impressed ... I didn't think it was possible but here I am, in the middle of NML and enjoying the journey.

only one questions for all the guys with 150+ days of freedom: Few days ago I had a different type of craving. It wasn't not an urge, it was not like the others ... it was an annoying background noise that lasted a couple of days.

I have to say that it has been tougher than the single craving that last 30 minutes or so.

Did it happen to you guys? What is the cause? Suggestions to manage it properly in case it comes back?

Thank you all to be here


I can't believe it ... I made it to 2 months! I didn't think it was possible but here I am ...

Besides the fact that I'm really happy about it, I'd like to ask to all the "veterans" a question:

Did it happen to you to have a really strange and long craving? It has not been just a 10 minutes issue. It has been like a backgroung noise for 2/3 days ... nothing really high in intensity but really long and annoying.

Did you have anything like that?

Any suggestion on how to manage it in case it comes back?

Thank you

50 wonderful days!

Posted by carloprivitera Oct 20, 2016

I can't believe it ... I made it to 50 days and I'm not counting days anymore ... I discover it because I received an email from the freedom of train!

Some postcards from No man's land:

1) I had a smoking nightmare one week ago and it was so real that I really thought I was smoking! Wow ... scary!

2) In the last 20 days I had just two big cravings and both of them pretty manageble 

3) I had so many wonderful hours not thinking about smoking anymore ... beautiful!

4) I don't know if it happened to any of you but I had a week with a lot of coughing ... like my lungs wanted to clean up!

I wish a wonderful day and a wonderful quit to all of you!


I know ... I've not been here for more than a week.

I thought about you so many times but then I've been really busy and, believe it or not, I spend less and less time thinking about cigarettes.

I discovered that I can go for an entire morning or afternoon and smoking doesn't come to my mind anymore.

Even better, my gym coach asked me two days ago: How long did you quit? and I didn't know the answer at the top of my mind!!! I used to know every single second because I was always thinking about smoking and now ... I have to watch a calendar to know how many days!!!

Don't get me wrong ... I still have some good crisis: one last sunday has been really bad and I was almost coming here to ask for help but at the end I made it through ...

On top of all of this I had my first flu as an EX-smoker!!! What a beautiful experience!!! Can you say that of a flu??? but when you are used to 10 days at least of really bad breathing and coughing and now everything disapppeared after 3 days ... this is an amazing experience for a flu!!!

By the way ...43 days free ... and I'm loving it!

So today is a big day for me!

For the first time in 31 years I didn't smoke for a full month!

A lot of ups and downs ... few big crisis at the beginning but the last two weeks has been pretty ok! I had a couple of really bad personal and professional moments and obviously the first thought went to a cigarette, but I'm proud that I didn't do it and that I've been able to tell myself that smoking was not going to make my situation any better!!!


So slowly and silently, I'm entering NML. A new phase ... a new journey ... and I'm looking forward to it, because just being able to have this journey is making me happy!

Thank you for the great support in the last 30 days! You have been amazing and if I'm at this point today, it's also because all of you.