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6% club

Posted by carloprivitera Aug 31, 2017

It felt impossible one year ago ... also because you are thinking about surviving the first hour and then the first day ... but here we are!: still an addict because that will be for my entire life, but 365 days free of cigarettes!


The first 100 days have been really tough but this community helped me navigating every single hour of those days ... and if I'm here today celebrating my first year, it's because all of you!

In the following 200 days, everything became easier and more manageable ... the thoughts and dreams about cigarettes start disappearing ... I had other few crisis but my strength and ability to manage them has been so great that I have been through them pretty easily.

I've been able to start focusing on getting back in a good shape ... I did my first half marathon few months ago and I lost almost 30 pounds.


Thank you very much to all of you for being here for me. I'll never forget it