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Wow ... 150 days!!! 

I'm so happy ... happy that I have many days when I don't think about smoking ... I forget about cigarettes.

They are not at the top of my mind anymore.


The Christmas Holidays have been tough but they are long gone ... I had lately some huge fight at work (typical reason to have a cigarette) and yes, I thought about them but it has been so easy to say: Is a cigarette going to solve my problems? NO, it will just make my life more miserable ... and I moved on.


Now ... moving happily to the next challenge.


Thank you all for the amazing support.




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Hy my Ex friends ...

here we are back to New York after two weeks in Italy visiting parents, other relatives, friends ... skiing in the Alps ... and all this ... smoking free!

Today is officialy #126! 

I had a lot more crisis during the last two weeks than in the last two months. I think the holidays were a challenge since I always smoked a lot during my free time ... on top of that, I was back at home where all my memories included also a cigarette.

I had to use all my tools to avoid smoking a couple of nights but I made it and now I'm back in my safe zone stronger than ever.

Have a wonderful day ... and have a wonderful year!!!