Triple digits club!!! 100 days

Blog Post created by carloprivitera on Dec 9, 2016

and here we are ... I made it to 100 days ... In the middle of No man's land and enjoying my ride!

A big rollercoaster but I'm still strong! I didn't have any big issue lately ... sometimes my brian tries to tell me that I'd really like to smoke, but it's enough to look at him in a bad way and move on ... that bad thought disappears in few seconds.


Two days ago has been really tough when I read that some of us lost her quit after more than 500 days ...I start wondering if this was going to be tough for the rest of my life ... if in the future, it was going to be really out of my life ... if I'm doing all this to relapse after 500 days ... 

A lot of bad thoughts that are still there ... I'm trying to forget about them and move on, but it's still something tough to digest.

I'm pretty sure I'll find some tools to manage also these thoughts since I really don't want to quit on my quit after more than 500 days!

But let's think now at day 100 ... and then 101 ... I'm getting prepared to my Christmas holidays ... all the celebrations and all my relatives and friends.

This is going to be the first Christmas as an EX and I'm looking forward it!

Thank to all of you for the great support. You are unbelievable!