Back to New York ... wow, it has been tough!

Blog Post created by carloprivitera on Nov 21, 2016

Hello my friends ... finally back to NY after 10 days in Europe!

As I thought, it has been really tough ... almost as tough as the first 2/3 weeks.

A lot of my friends there smoke ... and a lot of them offered me a cigarette.

A lot of italians smoke and so there were cigarettes everywhere ... 

but even worst ... all those memories!!! My entire life in italy has been as a smoker and every single corner was reminding me when I smoked!!!

Anyway, it's over for now (I'll be back there for the Christmas holidays) ... I was so happy to be back in NY ... As soon as I landed, I felt all the pressure going away from my shoulders ...

Done! 82 days smoke free ... and counting!!!