10 days combining all my worst triggers together!!!

Blog Post created by carloprivitera on Nov 8, 2016

Day 69 ... doing great and feeling really good. I had my first real day of freedom last saturday: For the entire day I have never thought about cigarettes and/or smoking ... not even for one second!!! Amazing ... 

Now I'm going to test myself really hard.

I'm leaving for a business trip tomorrow for 10 days: going back to Europe and going back to Italy since I'm taking the opportunity to see my parents.

I'll go back to all the places where I always smoked ... all the situations when I always smoked ... 

I'll meet my ex-wife (since I'll spend some time with my daugther) and this will be really interesting (first time as a non smoker).

and this just to mention some of the major events of the next 10 days ...

I'll be back in New York on Nov 19th ... and I'm looking foward to coming back as a no-smoker ... this new life is so beautiful and I don't want to lose it!

I'll do my best to come here and spend some time with you also from Europe ... 

All the best