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I can't believe it ... I made it to 2 months! I didn't think it was possible but here I am ...

Besides the fact that I'm really happy about it, I'd like to ask to all the "veterans" a question:

Did it happen to you to have a really strange and long craving? It has not been just a 10 minutes issue. It has been like a backgroung noise for 2/3 days ... nothing really high in intensity but really long and annoying.

Did you have anything like that?

Any suggestion on how to manage it in case it comes back?

Thank you

50 wonderful days!

Posted by carloprivitera Oct 20, 2016

I can't believe it ... I made it to 50 days and I'm not counting days anymore ... I discover it because I received an email from the freedom of train!

Some postcards from No man's land:

1) I had a smoking nightmare one week ago and it was so real that I really thought I was smoking! Wow ... scary!

2) In the last 20 days I had just two big cravings and both of them pretty manageble 

3) I had so many wonderful hours not thinking about smoking anymore ... beautiful!

4) I don't know if it happened to any of you but I had a week with a lot of coughing ... like my lungs wanted to clean up!

I wish a wonderful day and a wonderful quit to all of you!


I know ... I've not been here for more than a week.

I thought about you so many times but then I've been really busy and, believe it or not, I spend less and less time thinking about cigarettes.

I discovered that I can go for an entire morning or afternoon and smoking doesn't come to my mind anymore.

Even better, my gym coach asked me two days ago: How long did you quit? and I didn't know the answer at the top of my mind!!! I used to know every single second because I was always thinking about smoking and now ... I have to watch a calendar to know how many days!!!

Don't get me wrong ... I still have some good crisis: one last sunday has been really bad and I was almost coming here to ask for help but at the end I made it through ...

On top of all of this I had my first flu as an EX-smoker!!! What a beautiful experience!!! Can you say that of a flu??? but when you are used to 10 days at least of really bad breathing and coughing and now everything disapppeared after 3 days ... this is an amazing experience for a flu!!!

By the way ...43 days free ... and I'm loving it!