30 days ... 1 month!!! Entering NML and really happy to do it!!!

Blog Post created by carloprivitera on Sep 30, 2016

So today is a big day for me!

For the first time in 31 years I didn't smoke for a full month!

A lot of ups and downs ... few big crisis at the beginning but the last two weeks has been pretty ok! I had a couple of really bad personal and professional moments and obviously the first thought went to a cigarette, but I'm proud that I didn't do it and that I've been able to tell myself that smoking was not going to make my situation any better!!!


So slowly and silently, I'm entering NML. A new phase ... a new journey ... and I'm looking forward to it, because just being able to have this journey is making me happy!

Thank you for the great support in the last 30 days! You have been amazing and if I'm at this point today, it's also because all of you.