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Posted by c2q Nov 18, 2017

I few minutes ago I read a wonderful blog post by Tammyzhere. You can find it here. In it she talks about the choices she is making, and changes to her normal routine that she is making, to protect her quit. This is one wise quitter.


She also has added a comment that is a text image. It begins, "I choose to live my life by choice, not by chance."


When I read the whole quote there, it struck me: this is the secret to the universe:  choice. Think about the things you do every day and how many choices you make along the way. Think about the things you do really well, and the choices you have made that helped you get where you are.


Choice is the secret to being a good cook, and to being a good friend. It is the secret to saving money. And it most certainly is the secret to quitting smoking. 


What are the most important choices I make about my own life? Thank you, Tammyzhere, for the nudge that got me to write this list of my own life choices:


I choose ...

to focus on my happiness, not my pain;

to reach out to others with tenderness, not fear;

to believe what I have to offer has value,

and to offer it.

I choose to live here, in this moment,

not clinging to the past

or pining for the future.


I choose to live my life by choice, not by chance.