I'm never gonna ...what?

Blog Post created by c2q on May 29, 2017

Quitting smoking is an exercise in becoming. At this point in my quit journey, the things I do every day to nurture my quit do more than just further my quit, they help me become more me. I mean this in the most practical sense.


Do you remember the scene from Sandra Bullock's movie "28 days" when Gerhardt is in the plant store to return a dead plant?

Shop Owner: Sir, I can't replace the plant just because you killed it.
Gerhardt: I did not kill this plant, it was sick or something. I gave it everything. I was talking to it, telling it stories. I drew a sketch of it, and put it on my refrigerator.
Shop Owner: Did you water it?
Gerhardt: I-- I have-- It's important that I did not kill this plant, you understand? So if you're just saying that because that's how you're making your excuse, you have got to understand-- You can't mess with-- I'm never gonna get laid. 

Your quit is that plant. So is my quit. If I water it, be sure it gets the right amount of sun, keep it from freezing, it will thrive. If I don't, not so much.


Be kind to your quit. Think about what it needs to thrive. It might just bring you rewards you've yet to image.