Three: On six years quit

Blog Post created by c2q on May 2, 2017


Please enjoy a couple of the pictures I've been taking this week with all that free time I have now that I don't smoke.


Two of the many  parakeets in a big cage in the lobby of a rehab center 

A little poi pond nestled into an otherwise rather desolate yard

Shells I picked up at the beach about a dozen years ago, that now hang out on a shelf in my living room.



I am very proud of my six years. I want people here to know that being quit gets better and better. If you open yourself up to it, there is an immense happiness just being free of it all.


Meanwhile, I am having a ball learning what my new new camera can do. My mind gets farther and farther away from thoughts of smoking. As far as quitting goes:  try it. I guarantee you'll like it if you give it a chance.