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The Ex Cafe

Posted by c2q Jan 31, 2017

Repost from my blog, April 13, 2012    EX Cafe: Grand Opening 

I just got off Jackie's Freedom Train,  Freedom Train 01/31/017 and I am Thinking Backward. I am remembering when quitting was a ball. A journey, a goal, shared with my crazy friends at EX. I think the most fun I ever had was at the Ex Cafe. Here is the first post about it. I am going to reopen it soon.


Welcome to the grand opening of the EX Café

The EX Café offers an extensive assortment of menu items to delight the Ex in you. From the whiner’s corner table to the EXecutive private lounge, the EX Café is here to help you keep your quit.

Our grand opening dinner is dedicated to all of my friends here whose companionship, kick-in-the-butt-ship, and support strengthened my quit. It is also dedicated to all of you still working to make this quit stick. Relax. Enjoy life. You can do it!

I’m happy to present our debut menu celebrating year one of my homecoming to my smoke-free self. Menu item descriptions follow the picture.



The orange cat

Any orange cat you see can turn into Picasso at any time

you decide your reality

are you an Ex?



First breath soup

Quitting smoking is like a baby’s first breath –

scary as hell, but many people have done it before.

Take a breath, grab a quit buddy or distraction,

and quit.



Fresh pledge

Sweet yet savory, a pledge a day

is one of the best recipes for a solid quit.

With a pledge, words do make it so.

I hope you try it.



Chicken exhorter duxelle

Got urges that just stay under your skin no matter what?

Use your imagination to make them go away.

I stuffed mine into this dish and ate it.



C2q cake

A quit is hardest in the beginning, or not.

Your success depends on your ability to commit.

You just have to do it, but you also have to just do it.

Commit to the quit.


2100 days

Posted by c2q Jan 29, 2017

I have been quit for 2100 days.

In 2100 days, I could have grown a cherry tree.

I could have walked around the world 1.2 times.

I could have built the louvre pyramid.

What did I do instead? I moved twice. I traveled to India.

I visited Canada. I met my sister's new grandson, who lives 1450 miles away. I buried a sister. I retired. I took up watercolor. I buried a friend. I started collecting and creating memes.


And I did not smoke.


c2q Archived Profile

Posted by c2q Jan 23, 2017



we can who think we can. 


think it. see it. do it. be it. Become your quit. All in. commit to the quit. c2q.

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. ~ Arthur Ashe

Brief Description

This is me on fresh air after 36 years as a smoker. c2q. commit to the quit.




on the sunny side of the street


to embrace the unknown


a trigger is just a trigger, it's not the gun. you are the gun.


Playing is a distraction

Posted by c2q Jan 21, 2017

There is a small art gallery on a nearby college campus that my husband and I decided to check out yesterday. They were having a visiting exhibit of tessellations by Escher. I've never really been all that intrigued by tessellations, but what the hey. This is one of Escher's more well know ones:

Usually I paint with in watercolor using very oversized brushes, but lately I've been doing a series of small pen and ink drawings. I also really enjoy image editing in GIMP on the computer. So this morning I decided to try a tessellation in GIMP.

The moral of my little tale? Take what you like and make a distraction out of it. When you're quit, your brain literally frees itself up for more of other things. Like playing!


Who's the quittest of them all?

Posted by c2q Jan 16, 2017

If you want a fun project for the day, check out this site that bills e-cigarettes as the way to quit smoking and consider posting a comment there. I tried, but it is currently "under moderation."   The site is

Quit Smoking Community website

It advocates quitting smoking by taking up e-cigarettes. The only information about the "team" behind the site is that they are Nathan and Karen. I wonder what compensation they recieve for their e-cig reviews, and who they really are?

This site encourages people to switch from smoking to vaping. It also bills itself as the #1 quit smoking site on the web. I beg to differ.


stubborn quitter

Posted by c2q Jan 11, 2017

Stronger than a mountain goat, more stubborn than a mule. That is me, protecting my quit. I will climb the steepest slope to get away from a trigger situation.

I will accept the discomfort of unlearning old habits and finding new ones.

I am quit.



Posted by c2q Jan 10, 2017

Don't let this be the one that got away. Protect your quit.


Don't trap yourself

Posted by c2q Jan 8, 2017

Don't trap yourself in self-doubt.

Get up. Be quit. Do the things that quit people do.

Smoking won't save you or comfort you or tuck you in tonight. You used to think that it did, but that was just your junkie brain getting pleasure from nicotine's deadly chemical reaction in your brain and in your body.

You're going to have cravings, so be prepared to say hello. But call them out for the liars they are. Escort them to the door. Wash them down the drain. Write them down and throw them in the trash. Stick them in the freezer. Take them to the mall and leave them there. Mail them to Marlboro. 

Letting go of all the lies feels really really good when you're done.


I pledge to pledge

Posted by c2q Jan 1, 2017

Thanks to everybody who joined the December pledge. It was great to see you there. We didn't come close to breaking the record, but what a great party, eh? Thanks to Terrie for always starting us off. It surprises me that more people don't pledge every day. that simple act, waxed onto my quit armor, helps me maintain my quititude.

I pledge early in the day. I drink my morning coffee, plan my day, just that bit more secure in my quit. If a thought of smoking wanders into my mind, I can tell it to come back tomorrow. I've pledged already today, you fool. I won't be smoking today. I get through the moment, the urge moves on. The key is that I have an automatic "I never did care about the little things" to save my butt.

It's become my favorite EX habit, my daily pledge.

Protect your quit. Polish your quit armor. The day may come when you need it.

I pledge to pledge everyday in 2017.