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let' break the pledge record!

Posted by c2q Dec 31, 2016

Today's the day! Last chance this year to pledge your commitment to your quit. Come on down! A pledge is a powerful tool. Hope you can join us. There's 300 pledges so far this month - think we can break the record???


Carrots and Sticks

Posted by c2q Dec 26, 2016

Hi EXers. I couldn't get the line spacing to cooperate on this blog post, so I've saved it as a .jpg. Please excuse the odd look of it.


Joy to you

Posted by c2q Dec 25, 2016

Wishing you the wonders of the season and joy in the new year.


what about you?

Posted by c2q Dec 15, 2016

About 100 days ago I began posting on this site again, after being all but inactive for two years. I had not thought twice about smoking for all that time. I thought I had nothing to contribute here that wasn't already being said by many great, insightful elders. I had no need to keep my quit armor up, I was quit. Until I had an urge to smoke that almost did me in.

Two things happened when I blogged here again: you helped me save my 5 year quit - coming back here saved my quit - and I discovered that staying connected here is an important tool for me to continue protecting that quit. Everything else is gravy.

My ego wants me to say that I have a distinct voice to offer, yada yada yada, humor in uniform, blah blah blah. I say instead,

I am here, every day, to protect my quit, have some fun doing it, and get a dose of quititude from all y'all.

I reclaimed this site for myself about 100 days ago. That may seem weird to new quitters, but it's all part of the journey. What's in 100 days? When I go back and read my blog from 100 days into my quit, it's boring as sin. I hit a high note at 3 months, and then not again until about 6 months. But that was just me. What about you?


It all goes up in smoke

Posted by c2q Dec 12, 2016

Nicotine is nicotine, folks. If you're of a mind, or even if you're not, check out these articles.

I would start the conversation, but I've been known to get my rant on over issues like this. So take a look for yourself.


My night in pictures

Posted by c2q Dec 6, 2016

My night in (5) pictures.

1) This is Elle. She's our 5 month old bag of curious energy. Lithe. Stealthy. A hunter.

2) This is a human ankle. A moving ankle is catnip on a stick to Elle.

3) This is our office, shared by me, my husband, and Elle.

4) This is the corner of the glass desk-top that I walked by last night in the dark to plug in my cell phone. I fell into it when Elle pounced on my ankles in the dark.

5) This is my jaw today.  My ribs, shoulder and knee are bruised as well.

The moral or my story? Turn the light on. Watch for the sneaky cat.

Or, in Quittish, beware the triggers that pounce when you least expect them.