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the shallow well

Posted by c2q Nov 27, 2016

A man needed water for his family. He began digging a well in his yard, which was very hard work. After digging 6 or 7  feet he ran into a bed of sand. He thought, "I can't find water here." So he began digging another well a little ways away. This time just when he thought he must be close, he ran into a rock formation. He thought, "I must dig somewhere else." He continued, all around a large area, digging holes, hitting obstacles and starting over. He never found water.

To quit smoking, it's the same. You have to keep digging when you run into a hard spot. You can begin where you are, no matter where you are. You can use any tools that you like. You will find what you are looking for If you do the work. 


therefore . . . do the math

Posted by c2q Nov 20, 2016

Just saw this a few minutes ago. Had to share. 


Butterflies for kittens

Posted by c2q Nov 19, 2016

In one corner, the understanding that I am always one cigarette away from smoking again.

In the other corner, the sheer bliss of being.

Let the dance begin.

Today is the Great American Smokeout. Want to know if it works? Read this and see if you agree with the University of San Diego study that says it does.

If you are preparing to quit, why not make today the day? Even if you quit for just the day or even a few hours, join millions of Americans today in not smoking. Check out the links below for more information.


I am

Posted by c2q Nov 14, 2016

Thomas and I must have been drinking the same Kool-Aid this morning. I was just thinking about the fact that how we talk about ourselves matters.

It was a major break through for me when I made a decision to stop trying to quit. To just be quit. Do what the quit do. Be the quit.

Not so much a decision, really, as a new set of clothes. Tried on a quit and took it in to fit me. took the tag off. Had to keep it.

Case in point:  I was well into adulthood when I learned that I was am really amazing at miniature golf. How did I get so good over night? some magic trick? Sort of. I watch until I can see the ball going into the hole before I take the shot. I feel the swing before I take it.

Stop trying. Accept the fact that you can make the shot. Yes, you are that good.

Be in the present. Think in the present tense. Not "I will" or "I was" but I am. 


Achy bones and all

Posted by c2q Nov 13, 2016

Before I even opened my eyes this morning, in that few seconds between sleep and waking, I was reminded that I am not young any more. It can be like switching universes, waking from a dream.

In my dreams, as far as I can remember, I am ageless. I may dream from a child's perspective, with Alice in Wonderlandish imagery. That's usually fun, and a little bit scary. Or I may dream the dreams of my early twenties - save the world! Look at me save the world! 

Most often, I dream the common dreams. Bits of my day, bits of my past, stepping through the lens of what makes me me. Last night I had spectacularly vivid dreams. I was exploring somewhere, I remember that. A friend, or friends, were travelling with me. We were excited about something. We were in the middle of discovering . . . something. And then a sound or ray of light crept under my eyelids and I began to wake.

I became aware first of my shoulder. Throbbing ache. Old injury. And then my lower back. Herniated discs. Familiar pain. Slowly my body awoke to this day. This stage of this life. My first thought as I awoke was how my whole body hadn't ached in unison since before I moved to drier weather. And then it dawned on me that it must be humid out. If it's very humid, maybe there's fog. I love a foggy morning. I haven't seen a foggy morning since I lived elsewhere.

And I was off to the window, achy bones and all.

I just found this wonderful little post about how to deal with emotional triggers when you're stuck in a negative feeling. It hit my sore spot. If anyone knows how to scrunch down and wallow in a negative emotion, that would be the old me.

We all need to reset once in a while.


looking a little odd in places

Posted by c2q Nov 7, 2016

If you can make it to the end of this, there's cookies.

1) Henry Wordsworth Longfellow was a great American poet who also wrote a cute little poem:

"There was a little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead. When she was good, she was very very good, but when she was bad, she was horrid."

My father told me that poem a hundred times when I was little. I knew it was because I was his curly haired daughter, and he loved quoting the poets he loved.

2) About 9 months into my quit, I wrote an odd litte post that was a play on Longfellow's words:

"When I quit, I was very very quit, but when I was quit, I was happy. Don’t try, do."

Yes. I hoped someone would get the reference. Lucky I didn't expect it though, because no one did. To press the "publish" button on a post like that is a very selfish act. I posted that one for my own quit's sake.

3) There's not one person here who can give you their quit. Mine is going to look a little odd in places, but it suits me fine. I like to look at the quits of everyone here. I like examining the details, the thread count, the washing instructions. Then I lay it back down and wrap my own quit around me. You can use this site to do that, too.


Get out of the way

Posted by c2q Nov 5, 2016

Dale's blog today (linked below) inspired this blog post. Here at EX, it's okay to steal, beg and borrow ideas that help you quit. Thanks, Dale.

Your body is way past ready to quit. Your lungs, your heart, every cell in every part of your body, wants you to quit.  So get your quit armor on, and get out of the way. You body wants to quit. Your brain is just a little slow to catch on because it's been drugged by nicotine for so long. 


Happy Freeday

Posted by c2q Nov 4, 2016

You asked for it, you got it!

Happy Freeday! I am tobacco free. My lungs are free of damaging DNA mutations. I've gained 2014 days of life by not smoking - for free!


roulette, anyone?

Posted by c2q Nov 4, 2016

Check this out:

Every 50 cigarettes you smoke give you one extra DNA mutation per lung cell.

smoking increases the risk of several cancer types by raising the overall number of mutations, even in tissue not directly exposed to smoke.

Roulette, anyone?


Thursday is keepday

Posted by c2q Nov 3, 2016

Happy Keepday! I am keeping this quit. I am keeping my sanity. And I am keeping it simple.



Posted by c2q Nov 2, 2016

Want to quit smoking and stay quit? Smile when you think about not smoking. Change your brain with a smile.


A single smile produces huge reactions in your brain. Your brain releases "feel good" transmitters called neuropeptides. These release dopamine, serotonin, and endorphines that make your whole body happy. They relax you, and can even lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Smiling is a natural anti-depressant.

I knew that cat was on to something.


Another layer

Posted by c2q Nov 2, 2016

I started to write a blog post yesterday about a couple things I learned from my mother. Nothing I wrote really said what I was trying to express. She was like most people I love: complicated yet simple, strong but fragile, wise with imperfections. 

I mean, I started yesterday to post about a folk remedy my mother swore by, but realized that you can google and find a dozen versions of it online, all pretty similar. So do that if you're interested. "apple cider vinegar remedy" should get you there. My mother would say, "don't forget the molasses."

I mean, I started writing a blog post about something yesterday, but sabotaged myself. I started thinking about the thinking of it. "Don't forget to credit that person who made the blog comment that got you thinking about this in the first place . . . where is that original comment . . . do I really want to sum up my mother in these sound bites  . . . . not getting to the point quick enough on this joke she used to tell . . ."

I was digging around the surface of one subject, because I couldn't figure out what I really wanted to write about. All I got was a muddy. So I am saving that heart warming yet somehow profound post about a couple things I learned from my mother for another day.

I still have at least 8 blog ideas wrestling around in my head, but this one is on top right now:

There is always one more layer to it. What ever you are thinking about.

If you are thinking about quitting, quit now. Then you will have something interesting to think about: keeping your quit.

If you are thinking about keeping your quit, realize it is process and relax into it. Then you will have something interesting to think about.