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Northern Lights

Posted by c2q Sep 30, 2016

This morning in my daily browsing of the news on the internet, I saw this photo of the Norther Lights over Prince Kristian Sound, Greenland. It was taken by Daniel Kordan. When I envision him standing in the night, taking this photo, I don't picture a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

Think how beautiful the world is. No need to smoke about it.



Newbies and Oldbees

Posted by c2q Sep 28, 2016

I cobbled together a picture of the sky that greeted me this morning. I wish each of you were here to feel the simple joy I feel this morning. It is a good morning to not smoke. It is a good morning to be. But the picture I took, not so much. I'll try again the next time the world is so beautiful when I rise.

I want to thank all of you, newbies and oldbees, all buzzing around together. You are more important to the maintenance of my quit right now that I had realized for a long time. So, thanks. Enjoy this. Stay strong in your commit to the quit. c2q


It's what I do that defines me

Posted by c2q Sep 22, 2016

According to a recent internet article:

A recent study published online Tuesday found that smoking can damage the DNA permanently. altering nearly 7,000 genes that can contribute to the development of smoking-related illnesses.

The American Heart Association’s journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics found that smoking leaves its “footprint” on the genome through DNA methylation, the process by which cells control gene expression.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 40 million adults in the country smoked cigarettes. Cigarette smoking accounts for one in every five deaths or over 480,000 deaths every year in the United States.


Congratulations to me for 1962 days quit, and counting. That 5 years, 4 months and change. Just shows to go ya, keep your quit close.

I pretty much thought I'd put Nicodemon 8 feet under but no, sure enough, he comes sneaking around on the anniversary of 9/11, thinking I'll light up.

Went to a street fair in Dunedin FL with friends and family. We saw some great artwork and ate some incredible food. Walking around the park, listeining to live music under the stars, wouldn't you know it, I ran smack into that old scoundrel, Nic'O. "Ah, come on, Baby," he says. "It's been half a decade since you quit. Surely you can have just one, can't you?"

He was all dressed up, aristy jeans and european sandals. Of an indeterminable age, which is cute. He was hanging with a crowd I thought I'd like to know. Lowered his head and gave me that long steady stare that's meant to reel you in.

Well, good luck with that, moron. I'm heading back over to my quit-site and getting a fix of common sense. Even wrote a little poem, all artsy back at ya:

     I see and smell and                                                                                                                                                                            taste the light now. You are                                                                                                                                                                head first in the ash can.