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bottle on the ocean: 4 years quit

Posted by c2q Apr 30, 2015

Hey everyone! It's nice to stop by and see all the quits blossoming here, and to hear the voices of old friends. When I began my quit journey on this site, I never dreamt I could be on this end of a blog post about being smoke free for 4 years. It makes me smirk and shake my head. What perfect quit buddies you all are, For my old friends and new, I'd like to share an image.

Picture an old blue glass bottle, scratched and battered, with a cork stopper stuck in it. It is riding the waves in the middle of the ocean. Written on a scrap of paper Inside the bottle are the words "I quit." That's the pledge I made 4 years ago to quit smoking.

In the back of my mind, I remember my science lessons. This bottle is propelled on it's path by the wave of my commitment. The actual water doesn't move, except up and down. The undulating water - up, down, up, down - is my life unfolding. Like the rise and fall of a heart beat. My quit moves forward, riding its wave over the surface while the events of my life rise and fall. 

Thank you, quit assisters, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, for cheering me on when I dropped that bottle into the ocean and it began the ride. And for pushing it forward when It looked like it might get caught up in some tide swell or another ... and threatening me with that oar on occassion ... and for the good times too.

Commit to the quit. c2q