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the world went round

Posted by c2q May 28, 2014

- In the news yesterday:

a man and his extended family stoned his pregnant daughter to death in a public court yard because she had married a man who would not pay the demanded "bride price."

Mr j, a goat, and jellybean, a donkey, were reunited after a six day seperation, and Mr j finally began to eat again after a six day "hunger strike."

A newborn baby, weighing less the 1 lb, was held by her mother for the first time.

The son of someone famous killed his girlfriend.

Poet Maya Angelou, author of 'I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings,' died at age 86. 

- What also happened yesteday:

Cats every where lay in a spot of sunshine.

Millions of school children caught the bus without incident.

I laughed over the phone with my sister, who is dying.

I didn't smoke.

You didn't smoke.

And the world went round.


life is finite

Posted by c2q May 22, 2014

Hello Exs. I am 1117 days into my quit, or about 3 years, 3 weeks. For the first 7 months, I kept a sleeping bag over in the corner at this site. I brushed my teeth here. I tucked myself in with quotes from you all in my head. The advent of badges on this site changed that. Maybe because they arrived as I was wandering around no-man's-land, or maybe because I already knew that this quit is the quit of my life, but I got very steeped up when the badges came.

Frankly, they offended me. They suddenly just appeared, like it or not. And so full of themselves, huge. They took over my friends' pages. My page! Like a stinking badge could help me quit. My friends here got me through the many rough stages of my quit, I didn't want a ration of gold stars from Admin. So even though I knew that everyone's quit is their own and some quitting aids work for some people even if they don't work for me, I huffed off. Mostly.

I come back from time to time to say hello and see how the gang is hanging. It's exciting to see all the quitters who have joined this site and who are achieving their quits. I say, "Yes!" to every one of you.

I also am compelled to say, "Get over it." Get on with your life. You quit, didn't you? Be quit in your head. Take that big drag of fresh air when you inexplicably get a craving, and grin at your success. Step into the mindset of having quit for good. That's the mindset that will move you past your addiction. The process of quitting is a doorway; there's more life to come.

I bring this up now for personal reasons. My sister-in-law is dying. Pancreatic cancer. Inoperable. Just found out a few days ago. All the doctors say she has two years at best. She never smoked. We are dazed.

My sister is dying. My heart, my joy. One day she is being treated for severe Meniere's Disease (an inner ear condition causing extreme vertigo) and the next day she is told that hepatitis C (that she's had for 30 years) has caused her liver to fail. She is not a candidate for a liver transplant because of other health concerns. Inoperable. Just found out this morning. Her doctors are saying she has a year, at best. She smoked briefly, 30 years ago.

This life is finite. Please don't waste any of it smoking. You've got so much more to live and time is short.

To all you great quitters on this site that lend your expertise to folks trying to quit, this is for you:

It's the Mighty Ex-Smoker From Becomeanex Land


It's the mighty Ex-smoker from becomeanex land,

Go quitter, go quitter, go quitter go

s/he's a snazzy blog page to lend ex's a big hand,

Go quitter, go quitter, go quitter go

Parked on her/his page for the world to see

Are "how to quit" aids from a to z.


And everybody says that your quit's secure

If you just relax and listen to him/her

S/he's quit forever and s/he's quit for good

Just the way that you know you should.

It's the mighty Ex-smoker from becomeanex land.


If you see him/her on the blogs please say"hi" from me

Go quitter, go quitter, go quitter go

Cuz s/he helped me quit too and I'm smoke free

Go quitter, go quitter, go quitter go

The first thing s/he'll tell you if you're craving a smoke

Is to stay on this site and just say N.O.P.E.


It's the mighty Ex-smoker from becomeanex land

Go quitter, go quitter, go quitter go

It's the mighty Ex-smoker from becomeanex land

Go quitter, go quitter, go quitter go.


Quit City

Posted by c2q May 1, 2014

Have been trying to paste in a dancing rabbit here - somethiing's not working. But my quit is!


3 years today. And I could not, would not have achieved this without this site. If you're new here and wondering if it's worth it .... stick around. This is Quit City.


before you break your quit

Posted by c2q Apr 30, 2014

Stop in the name of love, before you break your quit, think it over.

Be aware of what you're doing each time you take a risk.

Think in terms of your quit, you don't need this.


This time before you almost smoke, giving up control,

Think it over.

Aren't you worth the quit?

Think it over.

This could be your forever quit.


Nothing can compare, don't try to compare

a life before quitting to to the success you've achieved.

Don't underplay it, or undermine it,

it's yours. just yours, all yours.


Is the demon's sweet expression

worth more than breathing without complication?


This time before you almost smoke

giving up control

Think it over.

Aren't you worth this quit?

Think it over.

This could be your forever quit.