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hello young quitters

Posted by c2q Apr 24, 2014

Hello, young quitters, whoever you are.

I hope your troubles are few.

All my good wishes go with you tonight

I had a young quit like you.

Be brave, young quitters, and cling to your quit,

I have a quit, like you.


I know how it feels to crave nicotine,

and fly to my smokes in a trance.

Be brave, young quitters and follow your quit.

Your quit will not happen by chance.

Cling very close to your quit, it's all right,

I am a quitter like you.


I know how it feels to have smoke at my heels

And to fly down the street in alarm.

You fly down a street and I wish you God Speed,

cigarettes bring nothing but harm.

Don't cry young quitters, whatever you do,

Don't cry for fear you can't do.


All of my memories are happy tonight
I've quit forever, like you.