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fly by

Posted by c2q Sep 12, 2012

Yes, this is me in my little by-plane. Sometimes it is a relief to get up here and just fly. I might choose a solo flight over Antarctica, or an around the world in 80 days excursion with 300 tie-dyed llamas. When I wheel this plane down the tarmac toward take off, the destination and the air craft are mine alone. But how to explain what I see when I look out the window? Now I must consider.

Perspective is everything. What I see out the window depends on which eyes I bring to the task. Mostly, I just fly. I see windmills and street fairs, fishing boats, children playing hopscotch, corn fields and museum openings and red sky at dawn. Where I live, there is a nuclear plant. Most days, the condensation rising from the plant makes it look like a cloud factory. Other days, my eyes are drawn to the  traffic accidents backing up commuters for hours on end. Or I may see a pair of pelicans, gliding over the surface of the ocean, trolling for breakfast.

One thing I do not see is people smoking. Everywhere I look, no one smokes. Even when I give my rose colored glasses a good wipe, I am unable to see people smoking. The other day, I sat outside at work on a break talking to an old friend as she lit up a cigarette. No matter how much attention I gave her, I only saw a friend. This is hard to explain, but I am quit. If my friend chooses to quit I will help her in any way I can. Until she does, I am still quit.

My little red plane is a projection of me, and the freedom I have gained by giving up cigarettes. It is a reminder to me that I have WON! Just quit. What does won spell backwards? NOW! Quit now. I have another biplane in the hanger with your name on it.

From up here, I see a whole round world of possibility. And coming to a city or landscape near you: me!