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120605 I am humbled

Posted by c2q Jun 5, 2012

I am humbled by you alI. I delight in your company. Thanks for joining Marcie yesteday on the super train ride that celebrated terrific milestones by some of our fellow quitters, along with my 400 days quit. While it's true that I don't hang out here and socialize much any more, life is what it is. Only better if you don't smoke. And there's more life.


So, from this wise 400 day old platform - in full view of those of you who have 2 and 3 and 5 times my quit - the only way to quit smoking is to not smoke. there's a Cheshire cat in that statement. The cat says, "Every adventure requires a first step."The first step? Don't smoke. The second step? Don't smoke some more. 


How you achieve your quit distinguishes it from every other quit in the world, if you want it to. Generally, from what I've seen on this site for the last 400 days, take your eye off the quit and it is gone. Moan and whine and do the mummer's dance, just stay quit. People may say that it's important to recognize that your quit is no different from any one else's. I say, keep your eye on the prize. And when you do, the story of how you quit can help others achieve and keep theirs. It's a thin line.


Quitting was way tough for me, and people here gave me just what I needed to succeed. The point to remember, in evaluating my quit, is that I took in everything. What worked, I kept. What didn't work, somebody else kept. In the end, it is your quit. You have to do it. Figure out a way.


Just don't walk into the badgers.