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Got quit buddy?

Posted by c2q Jan 13, 2012

We can do this.

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platitudes for breakfast

Posted by c2q Jan 10, 2012

I am in Pach-y-dog-dermy heaven – finally able to blog again, thanks to some help from my friends (thanks, sickofit Nancy). And what do you get, dear reader, as a result? Platitudes for breakfast.


1)      Wear your quit like it looks good on you. Try on the “perfect quit” and see how it fits. Hike it up in the back, perhaps, or sew some elastic into the waist.


2)      Scrunch up your face and take a good look at your quit. Examine it, poke and prod it until you understand it. Pretty much like any other quit, except that it’s yours. Now:  KEEP IT.


3)      Do not walk into the badges. See if you can ignore the badges (what badgers?) Think of them as parade candy:  most people here had them thrown at us after the fact. They’re cute, but sticky. Don’t get them caught in your hair.


4)      Paraphrasing uncle John, “Your quit is what happens while you’re busy counting socks.” Or whatever diversion works for you. Enjoy the trip, let ‘er rip, just be quit.



Posted by c2q Jan 2, 2012

the only connection this has to quitting smoking is that it kept my chuckling for days - hands of those smokes! c2q

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why c2q

Posted by c2q Jan 1, 2012

Good-bye, 2011. Good-bye, Triple_a. Triple_a was a great name for a newbie. It reminded me every day of the first gimmick that really got my quit off the ground. The handy little devise was:

Associate: identify an urge – you are a sneaky little urge. Animate. You are a badger. Annihilate. I will catch you in my badger trap and made you into stew.

I had so much fun with the imagery, it was a great distraction for me. Hence my chosen moniker, “Triple_a.”

Today marks 8 months quit for me, as well as the new year. I need a new gimmick to keep this quit positive, and keep my involvement on this site positive. My struggle, as dog knows, has been to figure out if the “improvements” that have been made to this site are something I can change, or if they are something I need to accept. Dog and I formed a group, which we had hoped would spawn hundreds of new groups, so that everyone on this site had a party starter badge. Hasn’t happened. I came THIS close to leaving, because the thought of coming here no longer invigorated me.

It’s just too dang hard to get things done on this site. I collected 19 wonderful black & white photos for the ball – couldn’t get one to post. After 8 months here, I do actually know how to post a picture. I have to post at least two or three times on my pledge group before it “takes.” Some times I have to leave and knit a sweater before coming back for a successful post. And then I find I have missed a day. On my daily pledge group! Every time I do post, the site drops me. Every time. Any browser. No cache. Please excuse my tone, but from my perspective, this is not the wonder-site it once was.

But it ain’t tuna fish, either. I spent a couple hours this morning trolling other quit-smoking sites. One looked really interesting. It had about the same number of ads as becomeanex, a few thousand members, and navigated like a kite on the wind. It didn’t just look pretty interesting, I thought I had found a quit site of merit. Until it turned out that it would cost me $10 a month to actually communicate with another site member, even with the ads.

So, it’s c2q to you, my friends.  ExAdmin, who ever you are, please forgive me, for I have committed quidultery in my mind. The new name? Hope it is is okay with you all. I was commenting on a newbie’s blog here recently, and said “commit to the quit.” Bingo – I could actually feel the beginnings of a new me. Here I am, freshened up and trying to be respectable – Commit to the quit. C2q.

A gift for the New Year:

Dog's “word” of the day  new year is: “Commit to the Quit.” C2Q.