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The other side of trying

Posted by c2q Nov 17, 2011

Yikes! 200 days! What a great feeling. I'm doing a little jig here, clicking my heels together and grinning from fin to fin. This is the good stuff. If you are still early in your quit - hang on for the ride. I posititutely guarantee you’ll be glad you did. Stick close. It doesn't matter what kind of support you need, you can find it on this site. Just put it out there – help will come if you need it. A kick in the butt? Got that. Hug? Here. Crackin' wise? The spot. This is the place that will help you reach the other side of “trying.” Come join me. It's gorgeous over here.

I'm at 193 days, and thinking about my 200 day anniversary. I think first, “yeah me!” and I think second, “Yeah, this site! Thank you, friends. I could not, would not, have done this without you.” And all you folks who have less quit time than me – you can still teach me. I am permanently quit. That’s it. Over; done. Tough. Hard. Do it. Done. How is still a great question, and I love every story of QUITTING SMOKING: HOW I WON.  Beat the be-sussass out of cigarettes. I am just done. I have support, and I win.