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Posted by c2q Oct 25, 2011

“When it grew dark there seemed to be …   Opps. Still in spooky mode...

I was not forced to be a smoker. No one had my fair-haired daughter locked in the castle dungeon. “Okay! I’ll smoke that cigarette – just let her go!” I wasn’t the victim. I was the unrecognizable smoking-monster.  Glued and stapled together from bits of movie lore, advertising shpeal, fear of [whatever]. Don’t get angry – go light up! Don’t feel sad – have a drag of this! Don't think – just smoke. There now. Isn’t life easier?

Well, that movie’s over. And the good girl wins. This Halloween, I will have been quit 6 months.



Posted by c2q Oct 25, 2011

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rear-view mirror

Posted by c2q Oct 6, 2011

Some nameless friend on this site recently asked how you know when you're over the hump. I didn't really recognize "the hump" until I saw it in my rear-view mirror. I'm earnestly driving this quit up hill, and it's getting steeper, like a mountain road. Then it plateaus a bit, and I think, "maybe this is the hump." But no, get focused on the road again, there's a hairpin curve ahead. . . . and then I notice how blue the sky is, and wonder when all the birds started singing - and I see this slight blip in the road way behind me. Day 158.