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inspire me

Posted by c2q Jul 5, 2011

Okay, y'all. I've been filled with negativity and haven't posted much in quite a while. I need more of my own bad-moodiness like Pinochio needs a pencil sharpener. I'm talking about what I need, though, to express, not what I think anybody else should write.

If you're up, you're surely going to inspire me. And if you aren't, it's like, you know, "come sit over here by me." I started to say that all I want is honesty, but this relationship doesn't even require that. Sometimes a sane person can't recognize a dishonest thought about their own life anyway. Write what you want, from where you are at. I don't care if what you have to say is  J or  L or  N. Just keep it  z  and don't try to sell me anything.

As far as what is looking like my own depression, it's not related to my quit except to the degree that depression can be a part of anybody's quit. The rest is just other stuff going on for me. As much as I love you, my s**t just ain't gonna be that interesting most of the time. K. 

but P.S. - major big thanks to all of you who keep the joy alive here.