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21 months?!

Posted by brittann3 Jul 11, 2018

I’m used to timing things in “months” since my daughter was born. She’s 9.5 months now.    I’ve been smoke free since October 2016 and only a few months shy of 2 years!? I still can’t believe it. I have been having thoughts lately and I blame the weather... summer time is when I would normally only hang outside if it was by a pool or a lake and I usually had a Red Bull (if not wine) and a cigarette. 

Occasiknally I wonder what itd be like to have a smoke but I know it’d be awful so I don’t. 


Everytning else is GREAT! I’m working on my resume to try and go back to work soon. It’s beem 9 months home w my little girl and it’s beem great but she needs socialization (she’s only ever w mr

and her daddy since family isn’t nearby) and mommy needs to get out and have some structure to her routine! 


Ellory is STANDING!! She’s already into everything crawling (army crawling) and now she can stand up! I’m not ready for it. 


1.5 YEARS?!

Posted by brittann3 May 2, 2018

I don’t come by often but I wanted to drop in really quickly. I quit smoking and 2 mo later ended up pregnant and am so glad I quit first. It made staying smoke free after delivery so much easier.


My daughter, Ellory, is 7 months old and she is AMAZING!! I can’t believe how happy I am most days. Being able to enjoy her and not worry about smoking is the best feeling. Occasionally I’ll see someone drive by smoking and I think it would be nice to enjoy a cigarette BUT then I immediately remember that it wouldn’t be enjoyable and my daughter is always in the car and I wouldn’t want her around it. I honestly have no idea how my parents smoked around me when I was growing up or how I smoked around my nephews. Yuck! 


Anyways! Hope everyone is smoke free and happy! 


Update post

Posted by brittann3 Jan 14, 2018

It’s been more than 400 days since I quit smoking and never looked back!! I now have a beautiful 4 month old little girl who I get to stay home w everyday. It’s amazing. 


More later. Trying to rock little girl and she wants my full attention.  


Ellory is here

Posted by brittann3 Oct 11, 2017

Hey all! Sorry i haven't been too active as of late. I wanted to drop by really quickly while I was thinking about it and let you all know that my daughter, Ellory Courtney, was born 2 weeks ago today on September 27 at 1:50pm. She was 10 days late but came naturally on her own without needing to induce! Labor and delivery was normal and uneventful with no problems or issues. She weighed 8 pounds and 8 ounces and was 20.5 inches long. She has dark blue eyes and a head full of dark dark hair. She looks identical to her daddy. 

She's had to spend the past couple weeks in the NICU due to a medication I had to take throughout my pregnancy. She is ok and perfectly healthy. She just needed some medication to help her feel better and will come home once she's weaned off of the medication. 

She is a happy and smiley baby with lots of expressive features. She loves to be held and will sleep so peacefully. She has crooked pinkies just like her mommy and I can't believe I've gone my whole life without her. 





Almost 10 months

Posted by brittann3 Aug 11, 2017

I cannot believe how fast this past year (almost), since I quit smoking, and this pregnancy have all gone by! I'll be smoke free 10 months on the 17th of this month plus 1 month away from my due date as well.


We finally have a crib and dresser and most of the necessities for baby. At least they're in the house anyways. Just not quite assembled or upstairs or in the nursery. I have a feeling the nursery will not be complete by the time she arrives; at least not the way I picture it anyways. We still have to go pick up the chair from Birmingham (an hour away) and neither of us care to make the trip on the weekends when there is time. Procrastination is a horrible habit. Hopefully, we get the dresser together this weekend though, so that I can spend next week and weekend, while the significant other is out of town, nesting and organizing. All the clutter and boxes and just stuff everywhere is making me a little crazy!! Of course Dave looks around is like, "what's wrong with it? It looks normal to me."


Dave had his first "moment" with the our baby the other night and hasn't been able to stop talking about it. Apparently, baby girl is very active in the middle of the night while I am sleeping. He got up to go to the bathroom and when he came back he just randomly laid his hand on my belly. He said within just a few seconds he could feel her moving and that it was non-stop. That her movements were big and frequent and way more than what he's seen and felt when I point them out to him. He even started pushing in a little bit to see if she would move more in response to him and she would kick back after he did that. He was surprised her movements weren't waking me up but did say the bigger movements made me breathe differently.  I just think it's very cool that he got time to feel her moving where I wasn't part of it telling him where and how to feel. Just his own moment with her that he got to tell me about for once. I think it was really special for him as well. Now he expects it to be their middle of the night routine when he wakes in the middle of the night.


We are both very anxious for her to be here. Knowing that we're just waiting now on these last few weeks and for her to be "ready" makes it seem like it's dragging out in a sense. Yet then I look at how much has happened and how quickly the last 8 months have gone by as it is... It's just crazy and surreal to know how much more everything is going to change for us.


Just wanted to share that bit of news. Hope everyone is doing well and their quits are going strong.



Posted by brittann3 Jul 25, 2017

Hey all! It's been awhile since I've logged in so I hope all is going well with everyone and their quits. Mine is still going just fine. I was even in a situation this past weekend at my baby shower that brought back lots of memories of smoking and hanging out outside talking to my aunt and uncle and having a few drinks. Several smokers were there and I even found myself walking outside briefly a couple of times and smelling the smoke... I couldn't even imagine trying to be outside in this heat and smoking a cigarette! I was so grateful that is behind me!


I had my 4D ultrasound yesterday and got to see my baby girl! It really was the wildest thing. She has the prettiest mouth and even got a few images and video of her smacking and sucking on her lips. She was not a fan of being woken up from her nap and kept trying to turn her head into me and hide her face. She makes the same kinds of faces I do when I am not happy! We got to see her hands and feet and even a little video of her kicking herself in the face.

She is right on track size wise and is even measuring a few days ahead.


My dad said she looks like me when I was a baby. I only have 8 weeks left.

Hopefully I won't go too far past my due date because I am beyond ready to see and hold her and just be home with her. These last several months have gone by very quickly and I know she'll be here before I know it but still... I am ready.

{Now as far as having the house ready... not quite. I am beginning to want to nest and get everything arranged for her but we don't have all the furniture yet and my nesting is about organizing and since I don't have many organizing options I find myself starting a project and then shoving it all into the closet so I don't have to look at it.}


8 month update

Posted by brittann3 Jun 23, 2017

Hey all! I figured I'd post an update blog today. I am just past my 8 month quit anniversary (is there a word we use for that?) and still I am in awe I've made it this far. Granted, I had a really good reason to stay quit these last several months but I'd like to think I would've maintained my quit had I not gotten pregnant.

I have members come through the drive thru at the credit union I work at and I can smell the smoke on the checks and cash they deposit. I have to hold my breath when I see a lit cigarette to avoid smelling any smoke that sneaks into the drawer. I certainly hope that feeling remains once I am no longer pregnant.

All is well in baby land too. Easing into the 3rd trimester and getting more and more tired of being pregnant. I had several weeks when I could understand why some women loved being pregnant and I'm not totally hating it yet.. but I am getting a feel for some of the symptoms that will make me hate it.

The great thing is I feel baby girl moving around pretty much ALL the time!! Usually she is most active in the afternoon or whenever I take a warm bath.   Pretty certain I felt hiccups for the first time last weekend. My boyfriend was laying on my belly and could feel my belly jumping and thought it was something I was doing. The movements felt different than I was used but I just knew they had to be hiccups. It was pretty cool to think about.

I still have 3 months to go til my due date & I don't anticipate delivering early with this being my first so I try not to rely too heavily on my due date. I don't want to be induced either so I guess I'll just be pregnant until this little girl decides she's ready to join us.

All in all things are going pretty well. I'm anxious for my baby shower and getting the nursery ready and I'm trying to prepare for as natural a delivery as I can. Maybe I should word that with "as few interventions" as possible. Most look at me like I'm crazy when I mention going drug free so we'll just have to see how that goes.


Hope everyone else is having a great week and looking forward to the weekend as much as I am.


All is great!

Posted by brittann3 Jun 5, 2017

Hey all! I just wanted to update everyone since I don't get on as much as I once did earlier in my quit. I am almost 8 months quit and all the credit goes to this place and the people here! *thought I'd throw that out there for any newbies unsure if this is the place for them. I promise it will make ALL the difference!*

I am more than halfway through my surprise pregnancy at 25 weeks this week. Only 15 weeks to go. Still hard to believe how fast it's all gone by. We found out last month that little baby is a baby girl and I do believe we have settled on a first name. Ellory. I heard it on an audiobook and fell in love with it. I recently began feeling her move! I waited and waited and saw her moving on the ultrasound but didn't feel it until a couple weeks ago. She flips and rolls quite often and it really is the most amazing feeling. I do believe it's what I will miss most about being pregnant. She's not quite showing out for her daddy to feel her yet but I'm hoping that will come very soon. Aside from all the developmental milestones, I've just been reading and trying to learn as much as I can about labor and delivery and all my options there. It's such a strange feeling to be ready for baby girl to be here but not be ready for how she must arrive... there is a great deal of anxiety and fear that comes with that.

Hope all is well for everyone! Will update more later.


What's causing it?

Posted by brittann3 May 11, 2017

I've been on here a little more today than I have in a while. I'm trying to stay connected and relevant and I know that my pregnancy and baby chatter isn't quite relevant to what this site is for. I've come across a few blogs and posts from members I've known since I've been here who are struggling in their quits and I am curious as to what is causing these struggles for so many.

I am only 6 months into my quit and pregnant on top of that... the risk of relapse is still there for me, I know, regardless of that and if I weren't pregnant I could see me being "seduced" by the pretty weather, and spending time outdoors, and how that could cause me to relapse. I am in no way saying I am immune to a relapse. However, I am curious of how this progression occurs. I've had thoughts of smoking, sure. But I don't have any cigarettes available. I've had a friend stay with me and saw her cigarettes on the table and thought back to the last time she visited and how we sat outside smoking and talking and drinking for hours and how I missed that. I've thought it sure. But wonder how the act itself happens. Are the cigarettes easily accessible and this is causing so many strong people to fall? Or are the urges so strong they find themselves in their vehicle having just gone into a gas station and bought a pack?? If I made it that far I'd probably go through with it myself.

I feel so much better not smoking and I know those who have quit and relapsed felt the exact same way I do now... so what happened?? I want to understand it so I can avoid it in a year or two or three. I want to always remember that cigarettes do nothing for me and that urges are nothing more than tugs at memories that bring pleasing feelings. It's the moment itself that's pleasing and that made me happy. Not the cigarette in the memory. Is this happening to people over a period of time in their quit? Is their resolve weakening day after day or is it more sudden than that? Is there anything specific to look out for?


What are everyone's thoughts on this?



Posted by brittann3 May 5, 2017

Hey all! Thanks so much to everyone who sent me a message or shout out on the Freedom Train for making it to 200 days! I honestly had no idea. I get on here from time to time but usually at work and I just don't have much time to really spend looking around at much. I usually check my notifications and respond to any messages I may have...


So, this is a special week not only because I made it 200 days smoke free but also because I had my 20 week scan this week and got to see my baby!! Just as Dave and I pulled up to the hospital we were talking about finding out the gender and what we wanted. We both pretty much agreed that, although it would be cool to have the first girl (grandchild), we didn't necessarily expect it to be a girl since he's the youngest of 3 boys and has all boys on his side. We both agreed that we simply wanted a healthy baby and didn't really have a preference either way on the gender. The tech asked us the same question when we got into the room and we basically told her the same, "A girl would be cool because she would be the first and that would be special but the thought of raising a girl... freaked us out a bit I think. I mean girls are sassy with lots of attitude and I just didn't know how I felt about that. Anyways, the ultrasound gets started and she's moving the wand around trying to get a good look and this baby is wiggling and flipping and rolling and moving so much (thanks to that cup of coffee I had before my appointment) that we couldn't see very much at first. Dave was standing up in front of the monitor so he could record the action and the tech and I were talking when she asks, "Are you going to scream when I tell you it's a girl?" I was stunned. I looked over her laughing and said, "uh I don't know. Why? Is it?" And she shouted, "It's a girl!" I mean I was floored! Dave and I both. He's heard on the video saying, "Really? Wow." And I'm laughing and explaining how we didn't expect it and I realize in that moment that I wanted a girl all along but never got my hopes up. Tears were rolling down my cheeks. It was a very happy moment.

The rest of the scan went very well too! Everything is developing as expected and right on schedule!

Both of our families are over the moon at the thought of a little girl. My dad and sister cried and Dave's mom is ready to buy little girl clothes.


Now, we have to find a name that fits this little one. And I have my baby shower to look forward to as well as the 4D ultrasound.  I know these last few months will go by fast but I already can't wait to get my hands on her. To see her with her daddy. And him with her. To have her home and all of us together. Truly I've never been so happy.


Update: Still smoke free!

Posted by brittann3 Apr 4, 2017

Hey exes! Sorry I haven't been on in awhile. Couple months at least. I used to keep Ex open on my browser at work but morning sickness got the best of me during the first trimester and I had a hard enough time being at work much less doing anything extra. Plus, I've spent a great deal of time researching and reading about pregnancy and all the things that come along with that.

I haven't kept my Quit right at the forefront but am still going strong with almost 6 months! No puff, no drag, no nothing. I even had a smoking friend at my house Friday night and most of Saturday and I didn't care one way or the other. She took the dogs for a walk to smoke and I could smell the smoke on her when she got back and it was awful!!  I still can't believe I used to smell like that ALL the time and thought perfume and body spray covered it up!


The pregnancy is going well. I am at 16 weeks this week and go for my checkup on Thursday. The nausea from morning sickness has eased up a good bit and I'm functioning thanks to medication. I'm anxious to find out what we're having and still have another month before I'll know, hopefully. I'm experiencing some anxiety associated with all of the uncertainties of early pregnancy. I had hoped they would ease up as I entered the second trimester, but anything can happen at any time, and I am freaked that I'll go to my next appointment and be told that their is no heartbeat. I feel like it's completely irrational since there are no signs or symptoms that anything is wrong.


Anyways! I hope everyone else is doing great with their Quits.


Triple Digit Update

Posted by brittann3 Jan 25, 2017

Hey all! Today is 100 days for me! How crazy is that?! They honestly flew by so fast and without much issue or struggle.


The only thing I've noticed in the past month or so is a very strange and unexpected, out of nowhere, smell of cigarette smoke. The first time I noticed it I was in my car slowing down for a red light with no other cars near me. I looked around for someone with a cigarette and saw no one. This happened maybe a handful of times within the last month and even once inside my house where no one ever smoked!! My boyfriend thought I was going insane!


Everything else is going really well. For those who caught my news the other day I am scheduled to see the doctor on the 7th and will hopefully have my first ultrasound! I can't wait to share that with family and friends. I am still waiting on my boyfriend to share the news with his family. Maybe then it will seem real enough for he and I to stop worrying and just be happy.

Thanks for all the support, encouragement, and congratulations on my 100 days today! I appreciate those who took the time even with all the changes happening in site today. JACKIE1-25-15 Jennifer-Quit-05-01-14 ShawnP

And to those still unsure about the new site and all the changes... .please keep trying!!! I'm super impressed with so much I am now able to do compared to how limited I was before! Thomas3.20.2010


brittann3 Archived Profile

Posted by brittann3 Jan 23, 2017



I am 31 years old and started smoking by age 13. I attempted to quit multiple times but never managed to get past the first few months before giving in. In my past quits I used the patch but it wasn't until this quit (10.17.16), when I found this site and got educated on what nicotine does and what it means to have a nicotine addiction, that I ever felt that I could actually do this.

I've continued to use the patch during this quit and just reached my 30 Day mark today. I know without a doubt that I would not have made it this far if not for this group to hold me accountable and to offer support and encouragement and let me know when my addiction is lying to me.

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Not gone... just busy

Posted by brittann3 Jan 23, 2017

Hey all! Sorry i haven't been blogging as much lately. It's just been too difficult to get on at work and get my work done and getting on with my phone at home is kind of a pain. {Sure will be glad when the new update happens}. Anyways, I'm doing great! Almost at 100 days!! And I found out last week that I am expecting!!!

I am super excited and I think my boyfriend is getting there. We told my family this past weekend and will tell his after we have the first OB visit and sonogram. This is the first for us both and although I'm wondering how we'll manage certain things once the baby gets here I'm also super excited! All I've ever wanted was to be a mother.

Still smoke free and so thankful now that I did quit when i did and that is one less thing I have to worry about during this pregnancy. Hope all is well w everyone else! I will try to be in touch more here.

Tried to write this blog New Years Eve and my computer froze up so I lost it. It was too much to retype and still is so here's the gist; I've gained well over 20 lbs since I quit smoking just a couple months ago. I learned the hard way how the lack of nicotine affects my metabolism and it sucks! 

Ive never had to worry much about my weight, what I ate, any type of exercise, or anything in order to maintain my weight around 135-140 and my pant size around 7-9 sometimes smaller than that. 

Now im struggling to wear the size 9s I just got and I know I need to make some changes. More water less tea and soda, less sugar, less junk. I don't like vegetables of any sort which I know is not good but i struggle with textures of a lot of things. 

i also have a very sedentary lifestyle and job and don't care for going to gums or that atmosphere so anything I could do at home would be good to know! I plan to start taking my dog on much longer walks... but that's all I know. 

Any advice or tips from anyone else who struggled w any weight gain would be awesome!!