Blog Post created by aztec on Mar 30, 2012

I hope everyone has some tools to help them stay quit.

There are tons of them out there,

there are alot on my page too. write your to do lists and do them

make a fruit and vegetable platter and munch on them instead of carbs and candy.

do the 6 d's , you can find them on my page.

go to Thomas page and read his last blogs, go to maggies page and check out her links, try HWC page out, join a group, post alot

journal your beginning of smoking

make a happy book to write triumphs in.

tapp, learn it i'ts fun andworks.

exercise and get those feel good brain chemicals going.

take alot of walks, play with your furry friends, if you dont' have one get a pet to love on and dont' smoke on it. they need to breathe too.

deep breathe, to the count of ten times.

the urge will pass wether you smoke or not. in about 3 minutes.

remember HALT if you are hungry eat, ancgry vent, walk write, exercise, lonely call a friend, get company, tired, take anap.

do your beauty stuff for you ladies, something from head to toe will take some time, deep conditon your hair with olive oil, take an essential oil bath or just some olive oil to moisten and fee your skin.

use your pumic stone, trim your nails and put some makeup on and style your hair, heck try a new style if you want, and do your nails and toenails. after you are all dolled up, go shopping with some money you have saved and reward yourself with something tangible, guys can do this too.

rewards are a great thing to do,with the money saved.

I hop esomeone adds some tools they use.

whatever you do with yourelf for your hobbies, keep it up and enjoy the body you have, you only get one.

lots of love to you all