Life will be life

Blog Post created by aztec on Oct 12, 2011

In just over 29 months alot of life has taken place.

If I would have waitied for a "quiet ' time to quit  I would still be smoking today.


Life will happen, smoking doesn't have any place in the coping of things that come our way. It really makes things worse. i was told by my acupuncturist, a long time ago that I didn't need that crutch any more and she was right, it took a while to sink in,

Alot of people planted seed along the way. my doc for ten years andmy family.

I am so glad I heeded the warnings, I have health issues but not smoking related and I'm so glad.

I the best time to quit is the day you DECIDE that you want to live more than you think you need to smoke.

educate , educate, educate and keep doing it.

exercise is a great escape into a feel good place. Keep it going, walks for harder workouts. I wish you all a blessed day.


I would rather breathe than smoke,

No time better than the present.! and thats what today is, a present.

love Aztec