Thank you thank you thank you BecomeanEx!!!!

Blog Post created by anntann on Jul 18, 2019

I found this website - albiet in another avataar (its a much smoother, updated website now ), around late august or early september of 2016.

It was the best thing that ever happened to me.

I had been a smoker forever. 

Tried to quit forever. 

Felt guilty about only one thing in my life - smoking. The desire to give was so damn strong, but I slipped repeatedly.


Along came becomeanex on one of my google searches et much of what I read, what i saw in the videos - made amazing sense!

I trusted the information enough to enter a quit date on this website, within hours of my 1st visit.

I did it the becomeanex way. I had never done this quit-date-in-the-future thing before. Atleast not with 20 day lag from decision.

I learned why I slipped repeatedly. 

I learned about NML

I learned about quit kits.

I learned so much from the responses to my (very) few questions and blogs.

I learned through the blogs & posts of others.

I felt good to see quiters hang around for years, to help those in need. It felt really good to see the number of days quit under their names

I read Alan Carr through the link sent to me. 


The list of reasons, tips & people that helped me through this website is way longer than I have put many little things....


I stayed on the website for perhaps only about a week or less.

Yet its impact on me was huge. 

Huge enough for me to have honoured that quit date.

Yet silly me never came back to honour Becomeanex the website & community.


I am remedying that right now!

Thank you thank you thank you Becomeanex!!!! I love you.