Breakthrough Update!

Blog Post created by annb on Jun 17, 2014

Well im a wee bit wound up today!! just a little bouncing off the walls!  could it be .... "natural Dopamine"?  I can't quite believe it and I'm almost afraid to say anything but I so want to share this!  Since almost falling off the side of the cliff the other day I am doing great!  I'm having very few craves now. Honestly I was at the end of my own strength and I think the Good Lord did step in!!!!  This is such a crazy addiction!  The only crave I'm getting now is I think of having a cigarette to celebrate NOT wanting a cigarette!! Nutty!  Anyway you guys know I've been a little wobbly all along but things they are a changing. This girl is headed to TDC!  Thank you thank you everyone for your loving support!!! And I just want to say to any and all struggling today. Don't give up. Keep pushing through. We can DO this!!!  Yippie. Getting a real taste of the Freedom feels amazing!!!