Hi smokers and ex-smokers

Blog Post created by alexa5 on Aug 7, 2012

My name is Alexa, Im 33 living in MN, but I was born in the Netherlands, where much of the population smokes including my parents, so it's not much of a surprise, at least for me, that I smoke too. Like everyone else I've tried quitting many times before but always end up relapsing because of some stress all the while saying to myself that smoking will ease the pain.

Anyway, my sister-in-law recently "quit smoking" using something called a electronic cigarette. More precisely she "switched" to e-cigarettes, she still smokes them but tells me they're not nearly as harmful as smoking tobacco although it still feels like you're smoking. Are there any members here who have been able to wean off tobacco using electronic cigarettes? I read on this e-cigarette review website that you can gradually decrease your nicotine dose over a period of a few months. There are 16mg nicotine cartridges for these e-cigarettes, then when you feel ready you can switch to 12mg nicotine, then 6mg and eventually 0mg, while still vaping a flavoured cartridge without actual nicotine, thus apparently being completely nicotine free. Any ideas on this, has anyone tried e-cigarette before?

Thanks for your input!


Alexa V.K.