Blog Post created by agthornton007 on Aug 8, 2018

Hello everyone i just checked in after sometime and see I am on 583 days smoke free now that makes me smile. We are about to have a nice long weekend here in South Africa a nice 4 day holiday just what i need. 


Work has been very busy and my boss who had a heart attack last year is still smoking even after me niggling him to quit. It's amazing how stubborn we humans can be even after a heart attack that little cancer stick has power over you....not me no longer. I am so happy to be smoke free. This morning brushing our teeth together my little daughter looks up at me and goes "mmmmm daddy you always smell so nice" I just smiled and thanked her. 


Life is good enjoy it, enjoy every cigarette free day you have even if you are on day 1 because it's the beginning of freedom and happiness. 


Have a super weekend all. xxx