Blog Post created by agthornton007 on Apr 6, 2018

Good day all my friends. Today I checked in and I am proudly 459 days free from smoking. I was just sitting here remembering when I did smoke and I cannot see that side of me its like a parallel universe, gone are the days of having 4 cigarettes before 9 am, wheezing up the stairs at home. I take great delight in running next to my daughter and seeing her smiling up at daddy and a giggle of delight coming from her I can see she is proud of daddy too. This is why I quit I feel healthy my voice when I sing on stage now is powerful and I can push those notes, food tastes amazing I have put on some weight but I look healthy my skin feels better. So to the new quitters keep pushing on even when days feel that you can't look at what you can look forward to, your health will improve you can do this and its so worth it and I believe in you. 


Have an amazing weekend don't give up you can do it