Always keep your guard up

Blog Post created by agthornton007 on Mar 15, 2018

Hello everyone. I hope I find you well and happy in your quit 


I got to see a good friend on this weekend that passed and would you believe I had a powerful craving for a cigarette it came out of the blue like a salvo from a battleship, but as I have done previously I acknowledged it I said to my buddy wow I am craving a smoke he laughed and said no ways ! I said yup we both laughed about it I didn't smoke but what a surprise ! It just goes to show even being 437 days not smoking that little smokers brain try's to get you to slip. I'm really glad I was strong enough not to smoke makes me proud. 


Always be aware of that sneaky crave so you can kick its butt (pun intended) 


Have a great week everyone