Have courage be strong

Blog Post created by agthornton007 on Feb 23, 2018

6 years ago I beat cocaine and Methcathinone (KAT) , over 400 days ago I beat cigarettes now I am going 4 days without a drink. Quitting drugs was a very similar process to quitting smoking but heck quitting cigarettes was one of the hardest things to beat but once your mind is set it is your most powerful tool in your arsenal ! Over 400 days of being free from the drug nicotine feels awesome I think going through the fire of overcoming drugs gave me the strength to beat smoking. I had tried a couple of times before but always slipped back but not this last time. I am now putting this power in play against booze. The point I am making here is that your mind set is the most powerful thing you can use. To all the new quitters please don't ever doubt yourself in your quit you are on a path to feeling awesome I celebrate every day with you because each day smoke free is a day further towards feeling healthier breathing easier and not being a slave to a little white stick filled with poison and death. Please realise that you are awesome and don't need a cigarette to help your anxieties, you don't need a cigarette to make you happy, you need YOU! enjoy every smoke free moment because those seconds, minutes, days, months are allowing to reclaim yourself back from being a slave to nicotine and cigarettes. Keep your chin up walk proud even if your on day 1 or day 400 because by making the decision to quit already makes you a winner. 


BE STRONG! Have courage you can do it !!!