So here we are

Blog Post created by agthornton007 on Nov 9, 2017

Hi everyone I hope this post finds you well and strong in your quit. I am well on my way to making it a full year in +- 2 months and wow who would have thought when I started this journey I would be where I am now. In my past blogs I wrote about the sneak attack crave well guess what this past weekend it came to tap me on the shoulder and that deadly whisper of go on have just one crept in. We went away to the seaside for the first time in 9 years and it was my daughters first time at the beach and seeing the ocean. My wife and my daughter had a great time I didn't unfortunately i wasn't able to relax or switch out of work mode so will have to try again sometime. Now on the way back up +-705km drive I got the sneak crave sneak attack sitting in the car bored with the drive I almost asked my wife for a puff ! Wow not once but 3 times during the 7 hour drive I got really annoyed at myself. This is the danger of boredom when we used to smoke and got bored smoking gave us something to do, I used to puff on a pipe when I first quit cigarettes and this little thought also popped into my head saying go one have a pipe when you get home GRRRR I didn't smoke or puff but it is so infuriating after all this time that I had such thoughts due to boredom. Also i have recently seen some posts where some of our members are going through really tough times and they are getting craving due to the past of relying on that crutch the cigarettes that we smoked and thought comforted us, again like boredom the pain of emotional hurt or a break-up etc can be a bomb in your quit. Please don't think a cigarette can heal the hurt or boredom this is a cliche' that the tabacco companies enjoy using to sell their cancer sticks to the public. If that crave hits be strong you can heal you can do something else than smoke a cigarette. Talk to the good people on this site they are always here and are always supportive its free therapy. 


God bless keep pushing on into your quit.