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2 more days to 500

Posted by agthornton007 May 15, 2018

Good day to all you fabulous quitters  I just took a look and yup I am 500 days free on the 17th what a great feeling. This journey would not have been as easy without EX community. This site has been a great inspiration and release when days were tough. Thank you to each of you for your support then now and the future. 


Let my journey not fool you I did have bad cravings and wow some times I nearly caved in but wearing the patch was a great tool because if you have that on and have a ciggy you can get nicotine poisoning and that was the deterrent that ultimately got over that hard first weeks. 


I relish being able to taste food again breathe well, I do have a morning cough now and then but I can feel my lungs and body healing eveyday i'm smoke free. 


Have a great week everyone 



Posted by agthornton007 Apr 6, 2018

Good day all my friends. Today I checked in and I am proudly 459 days free from smoking. I was just sitting here remembering when I did smoke and I cannot see that side of me its like a parallel universe, gone are the days of having 4 cigarettes before 9 am, wheezing up the stairs at home. I take great delight in running next to my daughter and seeing her smiling up at daddy and a giggle of delight coming from her I can see she is proud of daddy too. This is why I quit I feel healthy my voice when I sing on stage now is powerful and I can push those notes, food tastes amazing I have put on some weight but I look healthy my skin feels better. So to the new quitters keep pushing on even when days feel that you can't look at what you can look forward to, your health will improve you can do this and its so worth it and I believe in you. 


Have an amazing weekend don't give up you can do it  

Hello everyone. I hope I find you well and happy in your quit 


I got to see a good friend on this weekend that passed and would you believe I had a powerful craving for a cigarette it came out of the blue like a salvo from a battleship, but as I have done previously I acknowledged it I said to my buddy wow I am craving a smoke he laughed and said no ways ! I said yup we both laughed about it I didn't smoke but what a surprise ! It just goes to show even being 437 days not smoking that little smokers brain try's to get you to slip. I'm really glad I was strong enough not to smoke makes me proud. 


Always be aware of that sneaky crave so you can kick its butt (pun intended) 


Have a great week everyone  


Have courage be strong

Posted by agthornton007 Feb 23, 2018

6 years ago I beat cocaine and Methcathinone (KAT) , over 400 days ago I beat cigarettes now I am going 4 days without a drink. Quitting drugs was a very similar process to quitting smoking but heck quitting cigarettes was one of the hardest things to beat but once your mind is set it is your most powerful tool in your arsenal ! Over 400 days of being free from the drug nicotine feels awesome I think going through the fire of overcoming drugs gave me the strength to beat smoking. I had tried a couple of times before but always slipped back but not this last time. I am now putting this power in play against booze. The point I am making here is that your mind set is the most powerful thing you can use. To all the new quitters please don't ever doubt yourself in your quit you are on a path to feeling awesome I celebrate every day with you because each day smoke free is a day further towards feeling healthier breathing easier and not being a slave to a little white stick filled with poison and death. Please realise that you are awesome and don't need a cigarette to help your anxieties, you don't need a cigarette to make you happy, you need YOU! enjoy every smoke free moment because those seconds, minutes, days, months are allowing to reclaim yourself back from being a slave to nicotine and cigarettes. Keep your chin up walk proud even if your on day 1 or day 400 because by making the decision to quit already makes you a winner. 


BE STRONG! Have courage you can do it !!! 



Posted by agthornton007 Jan 8, 2018

Wow what a year who would have thought 1 yer ago I would put down the cancer sticks and be free from their grasp. All through the festive season I had not one single craving to smoke, I had a dream that i was smoking and got very angry and upset at myself in the dream I woke up with a great feeling of relief ha ha ha. 


After quite a stressful year it turned out to actually be a great year so going into 2018 I feel so positive. Thank you to every one for their wishes for me entering into the 6% club it feels great I feel free I liberated myself from nicotine liberated my brain from smoking. it was a tricky journey but because my head was right I did it and will never smoke again. My marriage is blossoming to new heights my daughter is entering grade one on the 17th January and she is niggling at my wife to quit smoking too she is brave taking on my wife bless her lol.


God bless for the new year everyone may your quit be strong and keep believing in your self you can do it. 


Don't ever give up

Posted by agthornton007 Nov 17, 2017

Hello everyone. Well myself and my family have had a trying couple of weeks with my wife having a breast cancer scare. Thank God after all the tests and scans it came out that she was clear and healthy. Then it was my turn with 3 migraine attacks in 2 days due to the stress and worry for my wife. I am still groggy from the pain meds but i am on the mend. 


In this little challenging week there lies a little gem of a saying that I enjoy using of "Don't give up" I use this when I'm feeling down or going through a tough time don't ever give up! Apply this to your quit as per my last blog we often use a cigarette as an excuse to feel better. I could have let this situation with my wife really get to me and have a puff but nope i'm not that weak anymore I have been through this past year without needing them so why the heck now. 


i love reading your blogs and get encouragement from them not only in not smoking but also through life in general. Seeing that each one of us has a unique quit but also at the same time very similar things we experience while beating this demon nicotine. 


Have a splendid weekend be strong in your quit don't give up it will get better and easier just keep pushing on. 


God Bless 


So here we are

Posted by agthornton007 Nov 9, 2017

Hi everyone I hope this post finds you well and strong in your quit. I am well on my way to making it a full year in +- 2 months and wow who would have thought when I started this journey I would be where I am now. In my past blogs I wrote about the sneak attack crave well guess what this past weekend it came to tap me on the shoulder and that deadly whisper of go on have just one crept in. We went away to the seaside for the first time in 9 years and it was my daughters first time at the beach and seeing the ocean. My wife and my daughter had a great time I didn't unfortunately i wasn't able to relax or switch out of work mode so will have to try again sometime. Now on the way back up +-705km drive I got the sneak crave sneak attack sitting in the car bored with the drive I almost asked my wife for a puff ! Wow not once but 3 times during the 7 hour drive I got really annoyed at myself. This is the danger of boredom when we used to smoke and got bored smoking gave us something to do, I used to puff on a pipe when I first quit cigarettes and this little thought also popped into my head saying go one have a pipe when you get home GRRRR I didn't smoke or puff but it is so infuriating after all this time that I had such thoughts due to boredom. Also i have recently seen some posts where some of our members are going through really tough times and they are getting craving due to the past of relying on that crutch the cigarettes that we smoked and thought comforted us, again like boredom the pain of emotional hurt or a break-up etc can be a bomb in your quit. Please don't think a cigarette can heal the hurt or boredom this is a cliche' that the tabacco companies enjoy using to sell their cancer sticks to the public. If that crave hits be strong you can heal you can do something else than smoke a cigarette. Talk to the good people on this site they are always here and are always supportive its free therapy. 


God bless keep pushing on into your quit.  


Long time no see

Posted by agthornton007 Oct 18, 2017

It has been a while since I have posted anything I hope you are all doing well. I am still going strong and have not touched a cigarette since 2 January 2017 ! I had a dream the other night that I started smoking again could even feel the smoke in my lungs wow was I angry at myself in the dream hee hee luckily that is all it was. I have entered a pattern now of having vivid dreams and battling to get good sleep it will pass I am sure but heck its a pain. 


I almost feel now being so far into quitting I feel like I have shed the shell of the smoker and gone back to a more happier time in my life when I didn't smoke. My marriage is strong loving and awesome my little girl is going to start big school next year my band has been nominated as one of the top acts and we have been booked solid for months so I am very blessed. When I started this quit I focused alot on self doubt and also nervous feelings of relapsing but by God's grace here i am take up the challenge to make life beautiful step through that smoke cloud because a positive mind and attitude will bring you many blessings and help you hit goals you never thought were possible. 


Have a super duper week 


God bless 



Posted by agthornton007 Sep 19, 2017

Good morning everyone. It has been a while since I have been back and posted something but I have a nice topic to talk about. Fear, something all of us as quitters have experienced in our journey to get smoke free. As your quit date approaches you start getting anxious, scared, doubtful of whether I can do this, I am going to suffer, What if I can't etc all the fears and questions your smokers brain will bombard you with not only before but also during your quit. Lets look at fear as a acronym F.E.A.R = FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL let that sink in read it again !!


We have been lied to by the tobacco companies for years they present us with images that smoking is glamorous if we smoke their brand we will jet off to some island beach on a yaught, go racing in Monaco etc. what a load of rubbish. This is false if we smoke we are going to die, we are poisoning our bodies, we are going to huff and puff up stairs wheeze our way through the park and what do we do ? We let the fear that we can't quit the fear that we are not going to benefit from quitting the fear that well we are just not strong enough. I read my stats the other day over 7667 cigarettes not smoked well hell if I let my fear present me with  false evidence appearing real and believed my smokers brain I would not be here today I would still be hiding behind my fears. Step up step out blast those fears into the past embrace the new non-smoker that you can and will become love life live it take it back from tobacco and enjoy every moment of freedom that you chose to deserve. 


God bless  


Enjoying DDC

Posted by agthornton007 Aug 24, 2017

Wow 234 days 7020 cigarettes not smoked ! I never thought I would get this far when I started I am so chuffed with myself. I remember the first few weeks were hard really hard but having the attitude of this is it i have had enough of smoking pulled me through. This is something my wife and i were discussing as we were talking about her quitting but she is not ready to quit. A big bonus is the setting your quit date on this site as it allows you to mentally prepare yourself and get that attitude of i've had enough in your head. Your mind is such a potent thing, this is the problem in the beginning of your quit is your smokers brain is so hardwired to convincing you you can't do it, you will feel terrible nah you can't do it......TWADDLE you can and will if you use your prep time to think about why you are quitting, talk to yourself remind yourself all the time get that mind ready and it will be a great weapon in your quit.


Have a super day everyone  


Conquering your Goliath

Posted by agthornton007 Jul 26, 2017

i am so encouraged that my blogs are helping and supporting people I have decided to continue with the theme I started yesterday Conquering your Goliath. Many of us see a tough situation or difficult task ahead as something you want to avoid or not do i.e. stopping smoking ! We make all sorts of excuses to not do it or avoid it and in the end slacking off. If David decided that hey that big dude is immovable I'll do it tomorrow or never imagine the consequences? His army would have been crushed! If you don't stop smoking you will get ill you will loose out on opportunities to play with your kids to live a healthy life, getting a job that has a great salary but the one term is non-smokers only !! Face up to your Goliath this can be anything hard in your life take it by the horns and crush it, be brave you can do this !! With smoking  take it day by day take pride in the small compliments you get from friends and family, your boss or work buddies perhaps so when the times are hard you can think back on the smiling faces the encouragement you will find here in Become an EX. This site was a life saver for me as I was able to read and get daily nourishment from its members. No one here is here to judge you but to encourage and support you. 


One day at a time you will get braver you will get stronger even if you haven't quit yet and are counting down the days to your quit date take heart in the knowledge that you are not alone we are a family of conquerors kick that Goliaths (Cigarettes) ass. 


Have a great day guys 

When I started the journey to quitting cigarettes I knew it was hard on the 3rd attempt I have finally made it I am over 200 days and feeling great. The cravings have gone (very occasionally I will get a memory more than a craving). Here is a small warning for new quitters the cravings will be there and I believe always will launch a sneak attack when you least expect it but enjoy healing, enjoy your freedom from that ball and chain it feels awesome. Day by day I wake up and I'm a step further away from the old smoker self. I love not stinking like an ashtray, I still get days when I am slightly out of breath but I have recovered from a lung infection and I am able to chase my daughter round the yard and not wheeze puff and pant anymore it feels great. I must however put out a small caution that I may make my journey look or sound me it wasn't there were many close calls and days of anger frustration and self loathing then good patches then BAM here is a craving of monstrous proportions it took and still takes alot of will power to keep quit but the good days far outweigh the craves now. I LOVE not smoking anymore.


Conquer your Goliath it can be done if you are stubborn and keep you eye on the prize. Think of your will to quit as the stone then each day you stay quit as the sling growing stronger you will soon see and feel what it is like to slay that Goliath (cigarettes). Keep strong keep your eye on that prise health, enjoying getting fit again, enjoy life. 


God bless 

Good day everyone. it has been a while since i have posted a blog. I am now over 6 months cigarette free and feel so proud of myself for doing so. Unfortunately I have been very ill with a lower respiratory infection and flu on top of it! Went to the doctor and he said that if I had not quit 6 month ago i would have been very very ill so yet another HUGE reason I am so thankful for quitting. The good news is the meds are working well and I am feeling alot better and will make a full recovery. 


The challenges that I face in my time span of my quit is still those little pangs of suggestion by the dying smokers brain the sneaky moments of the crave but happily the will power to stay quit is now stronger than the urge to smoke. Why would you think that you would want to go back to something so toxic and deadly ? the mind can only baffle at the reason but sadly so many people do start smoking again this is so sad. 


Anyway keep going everyone especially the early stage quitter it gets better you will have great days then awfully bad ones where the urge to smoke will be very powerful, just remember you are your own boss you own your body and not that cancer stick, think of how great you feel not stinking like an ashtray or wheezing up stairs. 


Have a fantastic day everyone 


The silent whisper

Posted by agthornton007 Jun 6, 2017

Well I am now officially 5 months free of cigarettes but not yet fully free to the silent and very dangerous whisper of the dying smokers brain, this weekend the old brain whispered "Ag go on have one or just smoke again its ok you have healed and its not that bad" I stood there in my yard almost believing that voice for about a minute then i was like get the hell out of hear there is no way I am going to do that!!! 


This my friends is the very real and dangerous silent whisper of your old smoker self trying to convince you that smoking wasn't harmful and you can start again with no consequence and oh how wrong could you be. At this time in my quit I feel so much healthier I can breathe so much easier I no longer have that hacking cough walking is easy again hell I can run after my 6 year old and not wheeze after 10 meters, and here in lies the power of that sneak attack of the silent crave it whispers to you stops you in your tracks and you actually say "hmmmmm well yes i could just try one there will be no harm" luckily in my journey i have consciously identified and acknowledged each crave from severe to very slight this gave me the power to breath and beat them. 


Beware in NML and TDC you are now vunerable to the silent whisper crave know it will come and when it does stamp it out like the smelly cigarette butt it is. Onwards and upwards 


Not one puff EVER again 


Its been a while

Posted by agthornton007 Jun 1, 2017

As I am going to now head into 5 months cigarette free I have been fortunate to only having a craving for a cigarette last week that lasted a few seconds i was able to saw grief thats been a while since one of those hit LOL. Again my advise to new quitters or NML attendees is embrace those cravings because it means your old smokers brain is fading away and it knows you dont want to smoke so it will taunt you with a sneak craving. If you get irritable its ok because its all part of the healing process take a breath calm down and say to yourself or ask yourself why am I so ratty I'm doing this thin I'm doing this for myself take ownership of your health and say to the old smokers brain SHHHH be quiet this is a new me and I like my new me. 


Keep pushing forward baby steps but you can do this thing